364 Days Until Halloween

Where did October go?  How can it be over already.  At least I can keep my decorations up until Thanksgiving.
 Just as trick or treating began, the rain poured down.  The poor little trick or treaters were soaked but still so excited.  They were saying Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat and oohing and aahing over their treat bags.  They were all so well behaved and gracious. I made 125 treat bags and was sure I would have few visitors because of the rain.  I was wrong!  I ran out of goodies in just over an hour.

When you think about it, Halloween is such a special holiday.  Since no one carols anymore, Halloween has become the only holiday where you visit strangers houses.  Halloween gives you a chance to make memories that last a lifetime.


Suzanne said…
I just posted that on facebook......lol

Your porch is breathtaking
Anonymous said…
such a beautiful home you prepared, it poured rain here as well,
Laura said…
I only had five trick or treaters come to the house. I let them pick out their candy from the basket and they each only took one piece. I would tell them to have all they liked and they would say thank you and take one more piece. They were very polite and cute.
Wishing you a very blessed All Saints and All Souls day!

ps...hugs to Teddy!
Bird said…
I know! It flew by so fast. We had such bad rains and winds and hail that in many cities and villages around here they cancelled Halloween! I don't know when they'll have it. Today it is extremely blustery. It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet's dilemma. Wow! That's a heck of a lot of treat bags to go through. Glad you had beggars come by. We got none... husband and son are eating the candy bars for breakfast. Yuck. lol We still carol at Yuletide. My family gets together at a cousin's house, makes a huge batch of homemade hot chocolate to go along with the cookies and cakes and off we go a caroling! Last couple of years I couldn't go because I was sick so I'm hoping they will have it again this year. Bright blessings for November!
Beautiful display!

October always passes far too quickly. But it's never too early to think about next Halloween.
Felicia said…
You must have people who cannot wait all year to trick or treat at your house!
Patty Woodland said…
Halloween was always a favorite holiday of mine. I remember the joy I had after I was married and had my first house - I bought so much candy, I decorated, I turned on the outside light and I waited. And waited and waited and waited. I cried.

After 14 years we moved to a different house (my Victorian) on a busier road and I FINALLY had the Halloweens of my dreams - I dressed out that wraparound porch and I had lots of little trick or treaters. It was so perfect. But we were only there for 7 years and I missed two of the Halloweens.

Now I am back to no trick or treaters. I don't even bother to carve a pumpkin any more. I don't think I would know the day were it not for all of the commercials on TV.
Dee said…
Alas, not one trick or treater. Guess we will have to eat the candy.
sandra hagan said…
I visited last night but could not post. Teddywitch, so cute!

Halloween is a special Holiday. It's all about the kids, its all about the fun. In many places there is not much door to door treating.

I love the costumes and the children's excitement.

Happy you had lots of little treater's.
Anonymous said…
We really need something like that over here, autumn is so dark and gloomy that children (and adults :-) ) need something to be joyful about.

It is growing here but it's still not especially big I'm afraid.

Have a great day!
Lucky lucky children who can trick and treat at Joyce's! I would be shaking with excitement as a kid to ring your doorbell............
Its the generosity of people like you who make Halloween such a joy
Cottage Tails said…
I have a loyal fan base that calls in every Halloween - Do they all dress up?
Halloween is trying to come in here in NZ. But not many - we never have anyone visit being just that little bit rural.

Love Teddywitch and your home looks wonderful all decorated.
Love leanne
AGREED. Unfortunately it rained here too and the jokers from the township CANCELED the festivities. Now the kids have to go on Saturday afternoon.
My favourite trick-or-treater last night was a little girl in a big pink poofy ball gown. I asked her if she was a princess and she said, "No, I'm a bearded lady but the beard was hot and itchy so I took it off!" She got extra treats for confounding my stereotypical expectations!
Guillaume said…
That's the way to look at it.
Ellen in Oregon said…
Teddy Made the cutest pup-witch ever. Did you get a photo of her on the front porch surrounded by all the jack-o-lanterns? It would make a great photo.
I'm positive your many amazing decorations created some vivid childhood memories for all your little visitors last night. It looks spooktacular!
You are a constant whirlwind of creativity & your home looks wonderfully inviting, inside & out. Now another month to enjoy before you start dreaming of how to outdo yourself next year.
Nellie said…
Pumpkins are still the "in" decoration around here, too! I believe the trick-or-treaters know they are going to receive good treats when they come to your door!
Robin Larkspur said…
Your Halloween porch meets all my expectations for your decorating skills. Very Halloweeny!!
We had quite a few trick or treaters, I had to fill my cauldron up twice. It was raining here too, could not keep any candles lit.
Only 364 days to go? It'll fly by!!
Barb said…
Your home looked so pretty . I also leave most things up until Thanksgiving. We had a nice mild night so lots of trick-or-treaters!
it was a rainy day here but it didn't rain on the trick or treaters. i had to look twice at your header. I live quite near Salem and lived in Salem for some time. October is a month I stay away from there
Suzie Ridler said…
Nice to meet someone who loves Halloween as much as I do! I love that you are keeping your decorations up.
Mary Ann said…
Oh, gosh, so well said! I miss trick or treaters coming to the door now that we have lived in the country so long. What a fun night it has always been!
chickpea678 said…
That's a great story!
Autumn said…
It rained here all the week before.. I was getting so upset! But the rain cleared and we had a gorgeous autumn day which we very rarely get here in texas. That Fall Gods/Goddesses but have been looking out for me! I too am sad october is over and that it flew by!:( I whisked my decorations down promptly on nov. 1. they were just depressing me!

take care
Joyce, your front porch is simply stunning! I don't believe I have ever seen a prettier one! I felt like you..I didn't even get a chance to enjoy our October..the month I live all year long for..but at least we can keep our Fall colors and pumpkins out until the end of November..from Sept. until February, I come alive. I wonder why that is.
luckybunny said…
Very good point about Halloween. I think nothing slows the kids down, not rain, snow, they can't be stopped from their fun :)