Birthday Breakfast

This is what The Blog Tech requested for his birthday breakfast.  Not exactly the prettiest breakfast I have ever made but her sure did enjoy it.
 A bit of a pain in the butt to make.  Both mush and scrapple have a tendency to fall apart while cooking. And they cook for a long time before the perfect crust forms.

 I realized that I forgot to coat the scrapple with flour before frying it.

 Once I used the flour, I got much better results.

 You definitely need fried eggs to accompany it.

 Clockwise starting with the eggs...eggs, mush, scrapple and sausage.  He only gets this once a year if he wants to make it to his next birthday!


Dee said…
You are such a good Mother.
Sometimes we just NEED an unhealthy breakfast. Happy Bday, Blog Tech!
Laurie said…
Happy birthday to the blog tech!!! That is a substantial breakfast, the men in the bush who were loggers ate this every morning where my Auntie was bush cook, I can understand why! Its very filling, lots of fat to hold you over in cold hard work! Looks great!
Nellie said…
Happy birthday to the blog tech! This breakfast should stay with him for awhile!
Patty Woodland said…
My favorite breakfast in the world is hasbrowns with scrapple then the egg, up. Then you top it with ketchup. Mash it all together until it looks like a pile of dog food and MMMMMMMM. My girlfriends used to hate to go out to breakfast with me.

Cottage Tails said…
Happy Happy birthday to the Blog tech. I've never heard of half of the things on your plate.. mush and scrapple. Glad you enjoyed it.
Love Leanne
Happy Birthday to the Blog Tech!

I've never seen anthing like it but it does look tasty :-)

Have a great day!
Hey Happy Birthday to the BT!
I'm thinking that looks kind of cornbread-ish
and Joyce those eggs look perfect
Sandy said…
Happy Birthday Blog Tech!!!!

Enjoy your birthday breakfast.
Mary Ann said…
I had a girlfriend who LOVED mush for breakfast, she had been brought up on it, and ate it almost every day.
kymber said…
jaz - your eggs always look so good! can you tell us exactly how you make them? i'd love to copy them!

your friend,
chickpea678 said…
Yum! It looks delicious to me! I bet the blog tech was happy!
Guillaume said…
Happy birthday Blog Tech! I'd love a breakfast like this, when I would have the time to enjoy it.
NanaDiana said…
Happy Birthday- great breakfast1!! xo Diana
Barb said…
What a nice Mom making just what he wanted!
Weekend-Windup said…
Beautiful combination of breakfast...
Chris said…
Happy Birthday to the Blog Tech!! What an awesome birthday breakfast. Yum!!
Megs said…
Happy birthday to the blogtech!
And, that scrapple is done to perfection!
Please..tell the Blog Tech Happy Birthday from his good friend Mona out in Southern California! :) He'll know who I am...LOL I have no doubt!
Oh...and give him a HUGE hug for me too. He knows I would never forget his birthday!
His breakfast looks good. Tell him to save us all some! Heh heh!
sandra hagan said…
you are a good Momma!