Country Trip Continued

 So, after the bummer of a Christmas festival, we hit the road again.

 Back through the country passing farm after farm.

 Always looking for signs like these. This is what makes these trips worthwhile.

 Had to pull way over to let this guy drive by. What is this?  I am guessing this is what cuts down corn?

 I think winter trees are beautiful.

 This is a turf farm. 

 Finally we arrived at another Christmas fair in an historic little town.  This log home is being restored.

 I want to live in this one!

 This was promised to be the most realistic WeihnachtsMarkt outside of Germany.  NOT!

 It was cute though.

 I don't like Gluhwein though it seemed everyone was sipping a mug.

 This guy was making wooden utensils.

 Lederhosen alert! And a stein of Gluhwein.

 We loved walking through the leaves.

 The red windows are perfect.

 I thought it was so cute how this guy/girl was just sitting there calmly watching everyone go by.

 Horse drawn cart ride.

 This was once a very important store in this town.

 This was a restaurant but it was closed when we visited.

 There they are!

Great color on this place.


Patty Woodland said…
Yay for goats! heh

It looks like a lovely little town.
Love the log house with the red windows.
Love the log house with the red windows.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful town! Beautiful photographs!

I love Gluhwein but I tend to drink a bit too much so I keep away from it nowdays :-) :-) :-) We call it Glögg by the way.

I've always wondered if those log houses are warm during winter, compared to more modren homes like my 102 yearts old cottage :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Friends of ours did a River Rhine cruise a couple of years ago and went to all the big Christmas markets along the way. Sounds like a fab time!
Mary Ann said…
I love your trips!
Anonymous said…
well that was a great trip, that log cabin looks just like the one my Dad built for his trapping shack!
Connie said…
Oh by goodness, this town is amazing, where is it?
Nellie said…
A really picturesque location. Love Mr. and Mrs. Santa!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
That was a good trip, lots of good shots.
Guillaume said…
You need snow to make it look like Christmas.
Susi said…
Sooo...being German...can i just point out that this doesnt look anything like a German Christmas market ;) It looks more cute and fun actually! Here in Germany Christmas markets mainly consist of a whole lot of people pushing each other along, which is kind of sad. So your market looks a trillion better ;)
Barb said…
Looks like a great little town. We spent one Christmas in Germany and actually made it to the Nuremberg Christmas Market. I did not buy nearly enough!!
LOVED the log cabin.
NanaDiana said…
What wonderful pictures. I absolutely LOVE log buildings. Looks like you had such a fun time- xo Diana
Have you enlarged your picture's, Joyce? My computer has looked different all day ...from the first thing this morning. Larger,'s strange. I could see the detail in your pictures without even enlarging them, which of course I did anyway.
What a great trip...and sweet little log cabins. Yep..and I like the little one you liked! :) :)