Cranberry Orange Cornmeal Cake and a Storm

This is a perfect recipe for Thanksgiving.  It makes a wonderful dense, moist cake with terrific Thanksgiving flavors.
 You can find the recipe here: 
Zest the oranges before squeezing.

 The link will give you directions for a single recipe, double it to make a 10 X 13.

 Make sure to sprinkle the top with 1/3 cup of sugar before baking.

 It gives it a nice crunch when it is done baking.

 I like to refrigerate it to make it even denser.

 We have a big storm on the way.

 I shoveled a couple Teddy paths at 4:00 am this morning and it has come down consistently since then.  The heavy stuff hasn't even started yet.  We could get up to 10 inches.  Perfect thanksgiving weather...perfect me weather!!!

Teddy's bowl.


Enjoy the snow. I know you love it so!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
You will not get hungry with that cake around, I would eat it first and save the rest for later.
What a delicious cake, I love orange zest and cranberry, can't wait to try out! Enjoy the snow & take care, Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
that cake looks amazing, wow wow wow, I'm making that for sure, looks like you got the snow I sent, lol, what a beautiful sight your garden is with the snow, magical,
Laura said…
We've had freezing rain and regular rain today. I was hoping for a few flakes of snow. Oh well!
Enjoy your snow fall for me. :-)

ps..hugs to Teddy
Anonymous said…
That cake really looks yummy :-) Perhaps I should make it for Christmas but with lingonberries instead, that is if I can find any lingonberries that isn't already used for jam :-) I doubt I would find any cranberries here even if we have lots of them in the forests. Most people just believes they are lingonberries :-)

I'm glad You got snow and plenty of it since You like it so much. None in sight here and we might get a snow free Christmas this year.
Kay said…
That snow looks beautiful and that cake.... Wow!
Patty Woodland said…
I'm sure you are just thrilled. I hope it brings you snow but not weather headaches.
Heritage Hall said…
O my goodness, what a great idea for holiday giving. I wager there
would be no left overs. Your snow
laden property looks magical. Lots
of romping fun for Teddy. 4:00 AM?
We need your energy secret.
To you and yours and all the rest of us, a most blessed Thanksgiving filled with unity, caring and your brand of boundless

TEN inches. That's a lot of snow. ENJOY! I'd be miserable.
Guillaume said…
My kind of dessert for Christmastime... I love cranberries.
Nellie said…
Wonderful cake! Wow! You really have the snow!
Sandy said…

The cake sounds delicious, I must try it.

Keep warm, be safe with this storm and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Rue said…
Oh - look at how much you have already! Do stay warm and cozy inside.
Adrienne said…
I love snow, too. Unfortunately, in my corner of NW Arizona, we get very little snow. And I absolutely love the way your home and gardens look in the snow.
Barb said…
That cake looks so good. That storm has made the news out here! Enjoy all the pretty white stuff!
Deb said…
At 4am??? I've always found that very high energy people tend to sleep very little. I admire that. Wishing you a gorgeous holiday.
luckybunny said…
That looks so good - the cake. I don't really mind the snow either... yet :)especially this year since I cant shovel any of it, it really doesn't bother me! :)
1st Man said…
Found it! :-) Looks scrumptious!!!