Fall Colors in My Gardens

 It's funny what we take for granted.  I have spent every weekend this Fall driving in the country soaking in the Autumn colors.  Click on any of the pics for a closer look.

 Yesterday I noticed that the best Fall colors are all around me.

 Right in my own gardens.

 Beauty Berries.

 Teddy and I went out for a walk and found the colors all around us.

 First Teddy, who normally hates getting her feet wet, wades into the pond for a long drink.

 Nothing tastes quite as good as pond water.

 Looking down the creek from the upper pond.

 Come on Teddy, lets take a look around.

 Underneath the Weeping Beech. It is tall enough now that we can stand under it.  Too bad I don't have little kids because it makes a great natural tent.

 Look at the Bald Cypress. The wind was blowing through them and they were glorious.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas have fabulous color right now.

 Even the brown flowers on them are pretty.

 The Japanese Maples are the prettiest of all.

 Looking up the creek from the middle pond.

 Just wonderful.

 The Katsuras smell like cotton candy when they drop their leaves. The entire garden smells like a carnival.

 This Maple is about 18 feet wide.

 It's a bit hard to see the fish amongst the floating leaves.

 Lots of leaves to rake but I leave them for a while to enjoy them.

 The lower pond.

 I'm still cleaning up the garden.

 And lots of roses are still blooming.

 Celery is the only veggie still growing.

 I finished coating the chairs.

 Natures carpeting and chair cushions.

 The Blog Tech fixed my stone bench. It is even once again.

 On the way back to the top. I live on the side of a mountain so it is very hilly here.

 And look who is waiting for me.

 Hi poops!  Did you have fun on our walk?

This one is right by my back door.


NanaDiana said…
Wow! You have beautiful, beautiful property there! It is just gorgeous. I can't remember if you said- what part of the country do you live in? xo Diana
Mystica said…
Beautiful garden and I do so love those berries!
Anonymous said…
amazing, such beauty surrounds you, Teddy blends in so well with the colors as well, lol!
Nellie said…
Absolutely gorgeous property! Teddy is such a cutie!
Anonymous said…
In love with your backyard! WOWIE!! And that skull adirondack chair totally rocks! Did someone make it for you or did you purchase it in a store? It is very neat!
Dee said…
Absolutely beautiful - you live in a fairyland!
Sandy said…

How beautiful your place looks. I love all the colors in the trees, and plants.
Please give Teddy a scratch behind the ears for me.
Patty Woodland said…
I do so miss the colors of Fall. Thank you
Melynda Brown said…
Wonderful, I like to let the leaves sit a bit also.
Anonymous said…
So beautiful! That is how I want my garden to look in autumn too (well I would like my garden to be like Yours in every aspect to be honest, mine is almost completely flat :-) )

But so far most of what I have turns yellow, only a few are red and one is sort of orange but I'll keep on planting bushes and trees for more color :-)

Have a great day!
Mary Ann said…
Your garden is so VERY beautiful, and I hope Michelle from Boulderneigh sees this, she would love the maples!
John'aLee said…
I still would like to just move into 'your' house!! It looks like it could be right out of a historical novel. One of those grand places! And by the way thanks for your comment my friend and for thinking of me. Hugs...
LOvely, indeed. Such beautiful colors and textures you have there in your garden. Teddy you looked like you were having fun on your walk too.
Barb said…
You are right! Your yard is spectacular! Wonderful colors!
Yes, your garden has the most AMAZING colours! I'm so glad you now have a skull adirondack chair -- did you make it or did you find a vendor who makes them?
My daughter gave me one of those maple tree's and it is still out there in a pot. I am trying to figure out where I have room to plant it. All the leaves dropped off it and now they are coming back. I thought it was dying and thank heavens it wasn't.
LOVE your property..it's wonderful..but then you KNOW how I feel about your yard..:)
It was warm today..again! :)
Guillaume said…
Here in the UK it looks still like autumn, although it feels more and more like winter. However winter and autumn don't look that different.
Theresa N. said…
Pretty walk.
Theresa N
weceno(at)yahoo(dot) com
Amanda said…
YOU have got to be the coolest person on your street.. with the decor, the food, the eye for gardening and crafts! Lovin the blog! keep it up! Cheers :)