Fall in the Country

 We drove out in the country again last weekend.

 It's really looking like Thanksgiving now.

 We were headed to a Christmas fair that ended up being a real bust.

 But we saw some interesting things like this large burger dude.  Sort of scary.

 Lots of barns.

 Most of the corn has been cut by now.

 A Halloween house.

 This place was spooky.  If you click it to enlarge it, you will see lots of dog houses and each one of them had a dog peering out from inside.

 Turkey time.

 Sometimes we drove on dirt roads.

 Amish cutting wood.

And an Amish farmhouse.


I guess not every Fair ends up being a good one. Too bad. Nice drive though.
Patty Woodland said…
I have seen that dude!
Michelle said…
Beautiful countryside. Love that brick church....and the Amish hard at work. Love, it.
Anonymous said…
beautiful area, sorry the fair was a bummer, I hate to see dogs tied up at dog houses, makes me feel so bad for them,
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photographs! I would have loved to drive around there :-)

I'll tryv to remember to go to the Christmas fair in the castke this month and I'll bring a camera with me :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Looks like a village for horror stories.
Megs said…
Weird. When we drive across the state, there always seems to be a lot of doghouses.
Maybe the next fair will be better
Barb said…
The mid-west has a special kind of beauty this time of year.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
You did get a bunch of good country ones. I think the cowboy dude may have started out as one of those guys that stood in front of a tire place and actually held what ever brand of tire in one hand. Someone found a hat for him and painted him. The original guy reminded me of paul bunyan for some reason. Dunlop tires, can't remember?
Sandy said…

The countryside is beautiful, I love all of your pictures. I'm sorry to hear the fair wasn't a good one. Maybe the next one will be.
Nellie said…
You certainly did see some lovely countryside. I love that last farmhouse!
Love that next to last picture. Truly the perfect setting. Looks like a lovely day of driving.
Those awful looking shacks with the dog in that tiny "dog house" was really upsetting to me. To be enclose in such a place..what a horrible life..
The other photo's were so nice. The countryside was beautiful. The large white house was nice but not much warmth. It seemed cold.
I wish there were place to drive like that out here.
Staci said…
Too bad the fair was a bust, great pics though. I know that dude, he's about 2 hours north of where I was born and raised.