Happy Thanksgiving 2013

 Teddy and I would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

 We hope you are up to your nose in turkey and gravy.

And maybe a bit of cranberry sauce too!  30 quarts on it's way to the shelter!


Sunnybrook Farm said…
Somehow I think the shelter will be eating better than us as my mother just dumps cranberry stuff out of the can and it still has the shape of the can. We just kind of ignore it when it gets passed around. It is good as I don't eat too much. You guys have cooked a wonderful meal for the shelter if it is as good as what you have shown us. It will be a special day.
You are the cause of much Thanksgiving joy at the shelter today, I'm sure. Enjoy your own Asian feast tonight!
Chris said…
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you Joyce! And to Teddy of course...
Cottage Tails said…
Oh wow the men are going to be soo thrilled to have Thanksgiving cooked by you. You sure are making the world a better place!
Happy thanksgiving to you and your family - which includes Teddy.
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving!

Dee said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Teddy and your family. I know you are making the guys at the shelter very happy!
Patty Woodland said…
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm sure the men at the shelter are going to thoroughly enjoy their meal
Teacats said…
Best wishes for a brilliant Thanksgiving! I am grateful for you and your blog -- and send along love to your family .... and Teddy too, of course! You have a great heart and soul to share your food with others ... Brightest Blessings to your heart, hearth and home!
Guillaume said…
Happy Thanksgiving! I might have a glass of Beaujolais nouveau thinking of my fellow bloggers in the US. Tomorrow is Black Friday and I dread it.
Michelle said…
Happy Thanksgiving!
annie said…
Happy Thanksgiving Teddy!
Thank you for feeding people at the shelter, you are a gift to others many times over by keeping that up. The food you send always looks wonderful!
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sandra hagan said…
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
luckybunny said…
Happy Thanksgiving!! Teddy looks very happy and I know a whole lot of people that will be happy at the shelter too because of you!
Velva said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you!
jody said…
Oh my goodness looks like Teddy enjoyed her turkey as much as me!! My favorite ( for breakfast too) is the stuffing! And oh my gosh-have you ever been busy! Sit and enjoy the rest of your evening!!
Heritage Hall said…
Joyce dear ~ You have not only fed bodies, but souls as well.
Bless you and all who helped to
make such a great difference for
good in our world.
Wasn't Sunnybrook Farm's canned
cranberry sauce comment a hoot?
Starting with "my Mother" and ending with "passed around" I am
going to repeat the lines verbatim
to food mavens I know, who will
get as much a kick out of them as I did.... I will never see that can-shaped mold slipping on to a
plate again without cracking up
(though infrequently does the can happen....chuckle)
Thanks, Sunny ~ and thank you,
Joyce ~
Megs said…
Happy Thanksgiving! This blog is certainly one of the things I am thankful for!
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving !! Hope you have a wonderful weekend !!
Kay said…
Teddy is sure a beautiful, fluffy dog. I LOVE cranberries!