Long Stem Artichokes

I am having a very busy weekend so just a short post today. These were something new for me. Long stem artichokes, you can eat the stems just like the heart.

 First I boiled them in lemon pepper water.

 Then I split them in half and took out the choke.  ("They might have choked Arty but they ain't gonna choke me.")  I added a pat of butter and some sea salt and baked them until the butter melted.

 They sure were good.  These were the best artichokes we've ever eaten.  So, if you see them at your store, give them a try.


Cottage Tails said…
I'll cut my artichokes stems longer from now on.
I sure love enjoy them!
Love Leanne
Anonymous said…
I've never eaten artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes yes but not these. Not too difficult to grow though so I might try that.

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Artichokes. I don't eat enough of them.
I love artichokes, just wish I could convince my husband they are great! Have a good week Diane
LOVE , just love artichokes.
NanaDiana said…
Oh- I love them! I think artichokes are something you love or hate-and there is nothing in between- lol xo Diana
Barb said…
I'll look for them. I love artichokes!
I also love the and I will look for them at the market. Never heard of them. I was introduced to them when I married my second husband, Frank.
I had never had them in my life until then. Delicious! Made me wonder how many other things in life I had missed at this late date. :)
Now I'm married to a man who never even heard of them..very sheltered. :) *sigh*