Sauerkraut Soup for the Shelter

A short post today because we are off on another trip.  More about that tomorrow.  I made 50 quarts of this soup for the shelter.
 If you have never tried this recipe, you should.  It is out of this world delicious.

 It tastes like a sweet and sour soup.

You can find the recipe and step by step instructions here:


sandra hagan said…
It looks so hearty and inviting! I love sauerkraut!
Patty Woodland said…
Have a wonderful trip
Barb said…
It is cold, rainy, and very windy here. Your soup would be delicious. At least I made some lentil soup yesterday.
Guillaume said…
I'd have some of that soup!
Nellie said…
I am sure the shelter enjoys everything you take them!
My hubby would love it.
There's nothing better than hot soup in November!

Have a great day!
I totally agree with Christer. The men will love it!!
luckybunny said…
totally buying everything I need for this next time I am out. I wish I had some right now. I have no doubt this was a hit!