Thanksgiving Dinner Butterhorn Rolls

I've started preparing for the shelter's Thanksgiving meal.  This was about half way through the baking process.  I made 400 of them and I need to do this again this week.
 This is the recipe for the famous Lion's House rolls.

 You can find it here:

 If you want to make these for Thanksgiving, make them now and freeze them.  That is what I did with all of these.

 400 down...400 more to go!


Anonymous said…
I think I can smell them all the way here in Canada, yummo! You are a wonder!
Patty Woodland said…
Instead of the Matterhorn you are creating the Butterhorn.
Anonymous said…
Woulkdn't mind having some of those right now :-) Just as well I don't, I'm on my way to bed right now :-)

Have a great day!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Oh man, I can imagine how good it smells in there!!
Nellie said…
How good they must smell! Yes, it is definitely time to start baking them for Thanksgiving!
Those look like tasty biscuits/rolls.
Dog Trot Farm said…
400 more to go...could ya send a couple of dozen my way? Enjoy!
chickpea678 said…
Wow, that is amazing Joyce. 400 down, 400 to go. That shelter is lucky.
How will you keep them until Thanksgiving. Freeze them? They look just beautiful.
Heritage Hall said…

You are such a blessing ~ I have
no excuse for not making the
rolls from scratch; you make it
seem easily accomplished.. Your
recipes are so simply special and
filed in my binder for keeps.
Yeast rolls are so tasty and smell wonderful when baking
Wow! And here I always thought Thanksgiving dinner rolls came out of a poppin' fresh tube!
babs said…
Just made these rolls! Awesome. So fresh and they melt in your mouth. Freezing them....44 left for 13 people. Should work. Thank you for sharing. Definitely a keeper recipe..will make for every holiday now!
sandra hagan said…
I think your cooking is therapy, and you love helping people, cooking must be a passion, providing nourishing food is an act of love.

It is impossible for me to imagine making 800 rolls from scratch.

wonder woman......