Thanksgiving Stuffing

 Do you use Bell's Seasoning?  I think it is the best.  My mother used it and I use it to this day.  BTW....the snow missed us!!!  I am so bummed!  They promised at least 6 inches and up to a foot.  We got nothing more than what I showed you yesterday morning.

 I made 250 quarts of stuffing for the shelter. If each person eats 1 cup, I made enough to feed 1000 people.

 I got a blister from cubing the bread.

 I made my traditional stuffing. Cubed bread, diced onions and celery and salt &  pepper.

 Then lots of Bell's Seasoning.

 Then I add beaten eggs, butter and some turkey stock.

 I made 10 of these restaurant sized pans.  They have to cook them at the shelter because my ovens couldn't handle all of these.  And my oven seems to be acting up again.  All this cooking is putting a strain on my appliances.

 Hopefully I will be getting my tree today.

I am feeling very Christmas pressured here.  I have so little done and so much to do.  How are you progressing with your Christmas decorating and baking?


CalamityJr said…
I know you're really missing the snow, but I'm glad your journey to the shelter will be safer. Bless you for all you do. I'll pray for snow there next week. :)
That's a lot of stuffing, to be sure. Have never heard of Bell's seasoning. Will have to try it. I make oyster stuffing.
PS) My decorating is done.
Anonymous said…
no wonder your stove is giving out, wow, you are amazing, stuffing for 1000, thats incredible.Sorry you didn't get your snow I know you really wanted it, the polar bear collection you have is so beautiful, I don't do a lot of decorating, we always get a Poinsettia, I have a ceramic christmas tree that belonged to my great aunt, I put out a bowl of pinecones and cinnamon sticks, and I have one old Santa candy dish that sits out at christmas, thats it, pretty pathetic really compared to what I see on the computer, doesn't take me long, oh and the candle ornament that has the dangly bits go round from the flames, forgotten the name,
Melissa said…
Cooking for the shelter is such a wonderful thing that you do.. They will have a yummy Thanksgiving dinner thanks to you :-)
That's a bummer about the snow.. Living here in California we are lucky to see a little snow each winter.. My kids and I would love to live somewhere where we would have a white winter :-)
My decorating is coming along, very slowly this year for some reason.. My Halloween decorating was like that too, I finally got it all out and the way I liked it to take it all back down again :-) Have a wonderful day!! Hugs~Melissa
Stuffing is my favourite part of a Thanksgiving meal, along with cranberry sauce. I've never heard of Bell's Seasoning -- perhaps it's not sold in Canada?
Patty Woodland said…
We won't get our tree until the second week of December.

Sorry you didn't get the big snow. Our weather had your area of the world getting 8" or more
Wow no wonder you have a lister on your finger. Your decorating looks beautiful. The snow also missed us
Anonymous said…
Swedes rarely eat turkey and if we do we usually buy just parts of it. So stuffing is something I'm not so familiar with. I guess this is what You put inside the turkey. Does it give any taste to the bird or is it the bird that gives taste to the stuffing?

Have a great day!
Barb said…
You are doing such a wonderful thing with the shelter!! I have never tried that seasoning. I will look for it here. I haven't even started on Christmas decorating. I will not be baking this year. No point with the pre-diabetes diet that I am on! UG!! but better than getting diabetes!
Mary Ann said…
I love the tree display on the cake stand, I love the polar bears, and the mantel, wow. I don't start until after Thanksgiving. Love the stuffing, but I have never seen Bell's here. Happy Thanksgiving!
Megs said…
Yes, third generation Bell's user. Also, your recipe is my favorite. We do a similar one now, but add potatoes- it's a Pa Dutch recipe.
Love the decorating, and, how happy will the guys at the shelter be!
I'll start decorating on Friday-
hope you and your family have a great holiday!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Happy Thanksgiving Joyce... Honestly, I would eat more than one cup of your looks delicious...Have a wonderful day are a true blessing to those in need...
Joyce..Happy Thanksgiving,love!! You are my hero! It's all wonderful, what you do, and I know you love cooking..but I would just wish you some rest..actually LOTS of rest. I sounds like you do much more than the average person. I know some people are just geared like that..but be careful. Ok?
Much love to you and your neat family!
p.s, just got the decorations down from up in the garage. So..lots to do yet. S'wonderful..isn't it? Wonder when I will give up the ship on Christmas decorating. Never? :)
luckybunny said…
You are going to need another set of appliances just to keep up with demand ;) Love the decorations!!!!!!
Bell's is the best! My grandmother used it, as did my mother, and now, my sister and I carry on the family tradition. A few boxes can always be found in my pantry. Safe holidays… Cheers!
sandra hagan said…
Bells is best but not easy to find here in the south.

My my, the amount of food you prepare, it is little wonder your ovens are complaining.

I know the shelter people appreciated the dressing and turkey you prepared.