The Amish Countryside

 These signs are not too funny these days.  Guns in America. Click to enlarge any of the photos.

 An Amish baby, too cute.

 Another convertible.

 There were buggies whizzing by in all directions.

 They move pretty fast.

 Lots were driven by women and small children.

 And an occasional older gentleman.

 This town is in the mountains so we drove up the hills and down into the hollers!

 Don't think these were Amish.  I don't think they live in trailers.

 A house in the woods.

 Burning leaves.  You can't do this in the city anymore.

 Corn cribs being filled for winter.

 Lazy cows.
 I love how they build these towns along the rivers in the valleys.

 A damn on the river.

 This house has seen better days.

A wonderful view of the fields.


Margaret said…
If you ever go to Lancaster County, visit the Green Dragon market in Ephrata. maggie
Wondeful picture and fascinating; didn't see the Amish country before, thanks for sharing. Ozlem
Patty Woodland said…
We broke down in Ephrata in our old motorhome one weekend. heh

As a little girl in Ohio, I remember being fascinated to see the big orange reflector triangle on the back of those old fashioned carriages. :)
Anonymous said…
beautiful trip!Wow what a landscape!
Anonymous said…
I doubt Amish people live in trailers and the clothes looked a bit too colorful as well :-)

Wonderful photos! I liked all the houses (even the run down ones)but that one in the forest is my taste exactly!

I can never live like the Amish, I'm afraid of horses :-) I like them behind strong fences or far away :-) :-)

Have a great day!
luckybunny said…
Beautiful pictures, I love that house in the woods!
Nellie said…
Beautiful countryside! I don't know how the Amish manage to continue as they have for years and years.
Guillaume said…
More lovely pics.
Barb said…
Such interesting pictures. Some were like a still life. Thanks for sharing.
LOVE, just LOVE that house in the woods.
Really lovely pictures, Joyce. We sort of romanticize the Amish, but it has to be a difficult life. Especially when it's cold in the winter. We may pay the price for all of our conveniences though. I hope not. Oh to live somewhere where we could take a drive like that..all that beauty.