Christmas Vacation Advent House

 Can you believe Christmas is less than one week away?  How fast these Fall months pass by.

 The repair people showed up yesterday and not only did they not fix my malfunctioning oven, they broke the one that was working.  Do you think I am just a little bit frustrated?  This has been going on since Thanksgiving.  I have not been able to make anything for the shelter in weeks and weeks.

 Thank heavens I got most of my baking done already. Yesterday was their third visit.  Each time they have been here for 3 hours.  Teddy has to stay in the library when they are here and this does not make her happy at all.  She dislikes the repair guys only slightly more than I do.  Actually, the guys are very nice, my ovens are very complicated.

 They return again tomorrow with the supervisor to hopefully fix them once and for all.

 The downside is that they have replaced expensive elements on both ovens that were not the cause of the problem and have charged me for them.

 It's like a bad car repair nightmare.

I've kept myself busy making cookie trays.


Wishing you good luck with the repair guys tomorrow!
I hope they're able to finish the job successfully! I can well imagine your frustration. You without ovens? Unthinkable.
FreeDragon said…
You have my complete sympathy. I had a similar nightmare with my washing machine. Instead of figuring out what was wrong, the repairman just randomly replaced parts in hopes of stumbling onto the correct fix. My boyfriend at the time finally fixed the washing machine. It was a loose wire.
Cottage Tails said…
I can;'t believe the hassle you are having with the ovens and repairmen.
Gosh I sure hope they fix all ovens today for you!
Love your gift wrapping of your cookies.
Patty Woodland said…
I would replace their bill with checks that don't work. See how they like it
gloriahanaway said…
I hoped you charged their bill onto Amex so the charges can be disputed! I wish there was a "like" button for Freedragon and Patty Woodlands comments! lol The cookies look beautiful and I know will bring much joy and happiness! I hope your ovens get fixed and you get a BIG discount on the repair charges!
Tammy said…
I'm sorry you're having all this trouble. They ought to be ashamed to charge you when they haven't fixed anything yet!
Anonymous said…
They must give You some compensation for those parts that really didn't need to be replaced! And they should give You some compensation fior being there all this time doing little right even if Your ovens are complicated. Anyway, I really hope thgey will be able to fix both ovens this time!

My favorite Advent House from my favorite Christmas movie :-)

Have a great day despite the problems!
Anonymous said…
your cookies are beautiful, maybe someone else will cook you dinner and you can have a break, you deserve one! What a beautiful advent house, Hope the workman fix the trouble, but maybe it was a sign for you to take a rest, lol, the gypsy in me is always looking for signs, lol!
lleblanc_nd said…
Oh, so frustrating! I hope you didn't give them any cookies!! Beautiful packaging of the gorgeous cookies. I will do my baking this weekend--spritz and peanut brittle at the top of the list.

Ellen in Oregon said…
I cannot believe that broke your working oven & are trying to stick you with paying for parts you did not need. I would call the owner of the business, tell them that you use the ovens,primarily for charitable purposes and suggest that the cost of the elements be a donation (tax write off for the business) to help you assist in feeding people at the shelter. That way the business can make a contribution,get the tax write off and since the parts cost them only a fraction of what you will be charge it is a win win situation. Most businesses like to brag about what they do for their community, so you have to appeal to their pocket & egos.
Sorry this is happening to you.
Nellie said…
How have you managed to be patient through all this?

That is a beautiful cookie arrangement!
Laura said…
If the pieces they replaced didn't fix the problem and weren't broken in the first place then you shouldn't have to pay for them. Good luck!

ps...hugs to Teddy
Guillaume said…
There's never a good time for a broken oven, but during Christmastime it is by far the worst possible time. I LOVE the decorations.
Mary Ann said…
For you to have oven woes is serious, indeed.... but oh, my, that last package... splendid!
Your cookie basket is lovely. Shame on those guys for not fixing your oven and breaking the other one. perhaps by Christmas they will work a miracle.
Barb said…
How extremely frustrating!! The cookie gifts are lovely!
Nadine A. said…
Wow you are handling this much better than I would that is for sure. I am glad that you got the majority of your baking done though. The cookie trays look great! Sending the best of wishes your way. Hopefully the ovens are fixed soon.
WHAT???! THEY CHARGED YOU FOR PARTS THAT WERE NOT NEEDED? I would have lost my boot!! Of course you will make them take it off your bill, right?? I'm glad you were able to get so much done before them really messed things up...still. I'm sorry and yes, I know how frustrated you must be! Poor Teddy!! Idea!! Turn her lose... :)