Decorating a Christmas Tree

I've started on my tree.  I am so far behind with my Christmas prep that I hardly know where to start.  All of my Thanksgiving cooking for the shelter broke my cooktop and one of my ovens.  Not a good situation for this type of year and a huge concern about my cooking future concerning the shelter.  The repair person can't get here until next Monday.  So, I have a lot to figure out between then and now. I spent the morning on the phone with a Wolf rep trying to figure it all out.
 I brought the tree in the house and got it in the stand. It looks crooked.

 After years and years of decorating trees, this is how I install mine so I can have peace of mind.  I screwed a tree stand into an old heavy end table.  then I duck taped the stand to the table for added security.  Next, I put two heavy rocks in the bottom to weight down the stand.  Not very attractive at this point but it will all be covered with a tree skirt.

 I straitened it and then turned it over to my husband to add the lights.  I went to bed.

 In the morning, I found this.  Good work husband!  He is great with tree lights. A good tip for lighting your tree is to not waste time wrapping the trunk and branches.  Just stuff handfuls of lights in towards the trunk and then gently spread them out over the branches as you pull your hand out of the tree, you get great distribution and you have a better lit tree. They go on and come off very easily too. A lot of these lights twinkle and the tree looks magical.  Now I have to dive in and finish it.  Hopefully you will get to see the finished tree tomorrow.


I thought you are always the first one doing Christmas decorations - but Joyce, this year I beat you to it - my tree, in fact the whole house is all decorated - huge relief!
Megs said…
Beautiful decorations!
Such a shame about your oven. I used to work with a group that prepared a huge casserole type meal in foil pans and dropped them off at the shelter to cooked there. Some of it was not the way you cook, but still might be an option.
Anonymous said…

I don't dare having a big tree, I'm pretty sure old Orvcar will lift his leg towards it as soon as I bring it in :-) :-) :-)

This Year I bought a potted cypress to have on a table and if it survives until spring I'll plant it in my garden. Orvar will as usual fertilize it every day several times until it is properly dead ´:-)

Have a great day!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Simply beautiful Joyce!!
Your husband does do a beautiful job of the lights -- can I borrow him to do my tree too, LOL?
Patty Woodland said…
I do hope your oven and stovetop get fixed.

My oven went kerfluie and the hubby got it working again (with a $200 part. The problem with these new electronic ranges.)

I hope you get back up and running quickly.
Susie said…
Looks pretty. I am still working on my decorations. xo,Susie
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.
Nellie said…
Oh, dear! Not a good time of year to have such problems with your cooktop and oven! The tree is looking good! I look forward to seeing your next post!
The tree looks beautiful now.
Margaret said…
Magnicficent! And yes I agree with you about the lights--put handfulls in and arrange them out.
Barb said…
What a great way to deal with the lights!!!! We did just the outside because we had a mild day on Sat. Still have lots to do!
Heritage Hall said…
Finished decorating the exterior on to the interior.
Tree already mounted and I am eager to try your practical lighting process..who would have thunk it? Your living room looks
enchanting...such a mellow glow
and elegant setting. Looking forward to the completion...

So sorry about your appliances...
no good deed goes un, you know.
Hopefully, it can be rectified
easily and at minimal cost. You
deserve to sail through that one
after giving so much to others,
Joyce. Rooting for you.

Yep..I put my lights on exactly like that last year after you told me how to do it..and they are going on the same way this year! :) LOOKS GORGEOUS!! They have commercial type stoves in restaurants etc..your stove is HIGH quality but..probably not made to cook such huge amounts..huge load for a normal stove.
sandra hagan said…
lovely tree, good lighting job.
sandra hagan said…
lovely tree, good lighting job.
Kay said…
Your home looks so stately and grand. It reminds me of those old English palaces. It's utterly elegant. Magical is definitely the word to use.