Front Porch Christmas Decorations

A deep freeze is headed our way so I started to decorate my front porch yesterday.             
 I started with a plain wreath and added trimmings from my gardens.  I wired on pine cones and added holly and fir.

 Teddy helped.

 I added some silk poinsettias, a few red balls and some red berries.

 I use fake green garlands that I buy at thrift stores for next to nothing.  I wire them together to give them bulk.

 Then I just start adding adornments.  At first it looks sort of weird. I never know where I am going with this until I actually start doing it.

 But slowly it comes together. I added a cardinal and more flowers to the wreath.

 A few more touches and it will be finished.  And another chore will be checked off my list.


Cottage Tails said…
Looking very festive. We better get a move on - the tree is up but not decorated LOL
Patty Woodland said…
It looks very festive
We're in the deep freeze up here already. Thanks for taking it off our hands!
Margaret said…
You mean you added holly and "fur" :) that was a little joke for Teddy. It all looks so elegant! From far away your door knocker which is gorgeous almost seems like it could take on the face of Marley! (Scrooge's partner)

Everything must be tied down here today, the storm Sven has aarived and I can hear it's bad. Even the branches on my apple tree moves and that's rare even in bad storms :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
Very welcoming! Hope the storm is not a bad one for you!
Your decorations look so festive and welcoming!
Moncha Eilis said…
So beautiful and inviting !!
Looks wonderful. Can you come to my house? Storm headed our way will see what it brings
Sunnybrook Farm said…
That looks nice, I like the door knocker.
Guillaume said…
I wish I could go all Christmas blazing like you do.
Jeri Landers said…
I looks quite elegant in keeping with that entryway.I actually envy you the storm, it will add even more beauty to your decor with a bit of windswept snow on the porch.
Stew Adams said…
The front door really sets the mood for the rest of the house. This looks very welcoming and warm. (Teddy helps with the warm part)
Kay said…
I am totally impressed. You must have the best, most gorgeous doorway in the whole state.
NanaDiana said…
Oh- It looks just beautiful! Welcoming and wonderful- xo Diana
chickpea678 said…
Wow! Your door is so beautiful! I can't believe you call that a "chore"! It looks more like creative expression to me!
Looking always, Joyce! I love it!!