Mincemeat Tarts

 I love getting up early in the morning when the house is quiet and the decorations are twinkling.  It's the best time for baking.

 I used the mincemeat that I recently made.

 And made it into tarts.

 I made 80 of these.

Serious Christmas baking has begun though I only have one oven working right now.  I waited the whole entire day yesterday for the repair person to show up.  At 4:00, I called for the 5th time to see where he was and was finally told that there was a computer glitch and and he wasn't scheduled for yesterday.  Many Christmas swears were said.  He's supposed to be here tomorrow.


ann caffrey said…
:( sorry that happened to you, good luck today! Keeping my fingers crossed )0(
Patty Woodland said…
I hate when customer service isn't...I hope they get there today for you.
Laurie said…
I'm not sure I know what those Christmas swears are, lol, sorry to hear they screwed up but you certainly made beautiful tarts with your remaining oven, the star on the window ledge is beautiful, is it an antique, or one of your creations from antique balls, its amazing,
Grrr on repairmen. Do you think they ever think about the people waiting for them? Not
Isn't that typical! It's easy to blame the computer too to be honest. I sure hope he comes tomorrow!

Those tarts look delicious!

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
Pretty slack service! Your Christmas mince pies look yummy - I have a real weakness for them. (had one this morning with me cuppa tea before breakfast shhhhh)
Guillaume said…
Oh lovely! I don't have the talent or patience to bake, but I will soon blog about mince and meat pies.
Mmmm they look very yummy, so much better than the bought ones. Have a good week Diane
Nellie said…
Oh! What lovely mincemeat tarts! Someone needs to alert that repairman to the serious work going on in your kitchen!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Oh, I hope the repairman shows up soon, doesn't he realize there is a serious cook waiting in the kitchen...Your tarts look out of this world!!!
Hope you get your oven repaired soon. Hang in there.
Yeah, "computer glitch." Hope he gets there tomorrow as promised!
Repair people ALWAYS have an excuse for not being there when they are supposed to.. suuurrrrre, blame in on a computer glitch... LOL
luckybunny said…
Those are my absolute favorites! I promised myself I'd make some this year and I will, even if it's not Christmas anymore. They look delicious :) I can imagine there was a few Christmas swears said... those computer glitches can be very handy if you want them to be!
Kay said…
It amazes me that you got this much baking done as it is. I've never had mincemeat and always wondered what it tasted like.