My Christmas Tree

I finished the tree.  I use mostly hand blown glass ornaments and icicles to make it look like it is covered in ice.
 Well, it is almost finished.  I have to tuck cords away, pick up needles and add the tree skirt.

 I try to find vintage Victorian ornaments to add to the tree each year.

 I use some woodsy looking ornaments too.

 An angel sits on top.

 I love how the glass ornaments reflect the twinkling lights.

 Some woodsy mushrooms.

 And glass ones too.

 I always put one nice Santa right on the front of the tree.

A bird house.

How do you decorate your tree?


Margaret said…
Very beautiful! I also love the look of "ice" on the tree. It just glistens. Beautiful job. Maggie
Dana0115 said…
I have the same Angel! You did a awesome Job! Hope things are going smoothly with your over,sending positive thoughts your way!
Our tree has lots of coloured lights and very eclectic decorations -- my only rule is no Santas or overtly Christian imagery. Angels are okay though.
Melissa said…
Good Morning.. Your tree is beautiful! I love the icicles.. I use hand blown glass ornaments too, I just love the look of them and I love to collect different ones.. I use tinsel, snowflakes, santas, snowmen and lots of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ornaments on our tree, I collect those too :-) Have a wonderful day! Hugs~Melissa
JFM/Jan said…
Absolutely magical...I love it so~~~

Megs said…
I love your tree! The combination of the crystal, lights, and the natural ornaments is priceless.
On our small tree, it's blown glass animal ornaments, lights, and an assortment of chocolate ornaments that seems to need restocking a lot!
Cottage Tails said…
ahh very pretty - Love the icicles and birdhouses and the little mushroom.
Who is the painting by that is on your wall?
Love Leanne
brokenteepee said…
I have that same glass mushroom!
Anonymous said…
Your tree is beautiful as always! I really like those mushrooms!

I'll decorate my littele tree around December th when Saint Lucia's day is. One of the very few traditons I have :-)

Have a great day!
thewiildmagnola said…
Fabulous tree, I'm loving the elemental touches, Christmas is only a few days away.
thewiildmagnola said…
Fabulous tree, I'm loving the elemental touches, Christmas is only a few days away.
Heritage Hall said…
The crystal icicles make it magical.... we included those a
few years ago after seeing the
effect they gave. Just love your
ornament choices. We started
Williamsburg Christmas in the
beginning and, of course, got
carried away with the 18th century
motif. Its results are akin to a
Dickens theme, all awash in sentiment and remembering. I highly recommend Tasha Tudor's
book, "Forever Christmas" for setting the mood.
Guillaume said…
This is a lovely Christmas tree.
Gorgeous! Beautiful! It is a magical tree.
Kay said…
Wow! Your tree looks absolutely magical. It really does sparkle. It made me smile just to look at your photos. We decorate our tree with a lot of ornaments that our kids made when they were little and sweet ones that were given to me by my students and their parents.
Barb said…
Your tree is just beautiful. My tree is a collection of ornaments from the last 35 years and some from my parents . Not always the most beautiful but very sentimental.
I just love your ornaments - so beautiful!
luckybunny said…
It's just beautiful, I love the way you decorate and your decorations. The mushrooms are awesome!
How do I decorate my tree? With a great deal of difficulty! I struggle every year..and did your method last year and it would have turned out great had I had enough lights. This year..hopefully it will turn out better..I have MORE lights.
Your do I love it?? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS!! :):)