Baby It's Cold Outside

 Are you ready for the big chill? 

 More snow is on the way too.

 Be careful if you have to go out in this weather.

 Frostbite can occur in just 5 minutes in these temps.

 Layer to stay warm.

 Make sure to keep your pets warm too.

 How cold will it be where you live?  We will have -30 windchill on Monday and Tuesday.

How much snow will you get from the storm?  We are expecting 3 inches.   Stay warm wherever you are!


Just have to share - we are in the middle of the Canadian prairies and we are expecting a wind chill today of -49 celcius. If google calculations are correct, that is -56 farenheit. Stay warm!!
Dee said…
OMG and I thought it was cold here in Florida!
Man, that sounds like CANADIAN weather! You must be in 7th Heaven!
Laurie said…
you got your wish , lots of snow!Keep warm, you probably are making soup for the shelter, I know how you worry about them,
Cottage Tails said…
Just too cold brrr brr brr Enjoy it when it arrives.
Love Leanne
Still warm and nice over on this side of the ocean and I love it :-) But we hear about Yoiur weather in the news here and it sounds nasty in many places.

Stay warm my friend!

Patty Woodland said…
No snow but the frigid has landed...
Kay said…
Sorry to say it's cold for us over here too, but it's about 63 degrees F. Ummmm... And no snow.
Sandy said…

Stay warm, and safe!!!
Laura said…
I think ours is low 30's and low 20's for highs the next few days but as far as I know we aren't to get any snow. I feel that if it is going to be super cold the least we can have is snow to go with it.
stay warm,

ps...hugs to Teddy!
nulaanne said…
No snow, and about 40F outside right now, so typical Seattle weather.
sandra hagan said…
Stay warm, eat hot soups, and warm buttered crusty bread.

Be safe.
Stay warm. Cold temps here too. And expecting 8-12 inches of snow.
Guillaume said…
I cannot wait to be in Montreal to see the snow.
Its going to be hard on the birds, isn't it?
Bet the roads will be less traveled too. I know you will stay bundled up, sensible girl~
Connie said…
I'm getting colder by the minute . . just looking at your photos.
Fun post.
Stay warm and keep smiling,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)
Dog Trot Farm said…
Is that you all bundled up? Well, I hope you get dumped on, I know how much you love snow!!!Hugs to dear sweet Teddy...
Barb said…
That looks REALLY cold!! And to think I felt cold on my walk today. It was in the low 40's! Take care and keep sweet Teddy in as much as possible!
jody said…
Geez.. -50 here today. I have been in and out shoveling where the plow filled in.. Coming in to thaw my toes! Done for today and may. Have to make your soup! Stay warm and cozy with teddy!
Autumn May Dale said…
Well, It is still better to buy more comforter to keep my self warm. Cold temperature makes me more lazy to wake up each morning.

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