Bracing For The Arctic Blast

 The Old Farmer's Almanac sure didn't see this one coming.

 Last night it was in the low 30's and the wind howled and the snow blew.

 We only got an inch or so but we had ice first which glued the snow to everything it touched.

 The temps are in the 20's right now but will plummet all day until we hit -5 tonight. The wind chill is predicted to be -30.

 The high tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 0.

 I am sure schools will be canceled. I live on top of a mountain and the only way out of here is driving down steep, winding, narrow streets so I think I will stay put for a couple of days. I never mind driving in the snow but steep streets lined with parked cars and ice is never a good mix.

 This weather does not deter Teddy though. 

 When she hears me calling her for din din, she flies down the stairs.

 She moved so fast she was a blur.

 She decided it was perfect picnic weather.

 A bit of snow in one's meal adds just the right touch.

She actually acts energized in this weather.  Has the cold arrived in your neck of the woods yet?


My Grama's Soul said…
Good cold here...I'm afraid...I live inAZ....but I have been following the news about this terrific weather system that is blanketing a lot of the country. Please stay warm and safe.

cl said…
not much snow in Cleveland - but the thermometer is dropping by the hour- 9 right now and scheduled to be 0 by noon!
Tammy said…
We only got an inch, but we're frigid down here, too! I am like Teddy and get very engerized in the cold, as well. I can breathe better and am just full of energy. Must be the Norwegian and Scots blood!

The almanac was right on cue for us, and predicted a rough winter. (I'm in the upper South) I can't wait for more!
Anonymous said…
glad you got your snow but sounds like you will be losing it, Teddy looks in good spirits, don't blame you for staying put, I hated driving on ice!
Patty Woodland said…
Oddly enough we are not in this system. It was 12° this morning so we are just having normal winter temps.
This last blast was enough for me! We're back to school!
Anonymous said…
Good decision to stay at home when the roads are like they are. The cold weather will arrive here next weekend but it won't be that cold here they say and I hope that they for once are right :-)

I'm glad Teddy likes the weather too :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
Less than an inch of snow overnight, though the temperature has been falling during the day. It is 14 degrees last we heard, and the wind chill makes it really cold!
Cottage Tails said…
That looks incredibly cold. I can't see any of our pets wanting to be out in it. Glad Teddy enjoyed her snow picnic.
The Polar Vortex sounds suspiciously like the weather system that had all of Canada except BC in its icy embrace since Christmas. Hunker down, stay put and keep warm!
Teddy is happy!
Love seeing her romp around and dotted with little snowflakes
sandra hagan said…
With all Teddy's hair she is warm most of the time. This is her kind of weather.

Be safe and be warm.
lleblanc_nd said…
It was -21 here in North Dakota this morning. We have a Samoyed who loves this weather, too; sits outside on the snow banks for at least an hour every afternoon.

Stay warm. Make something yummy! I made homemade chicken noodle soup and banana bread yesterday.

Barb said…
We have been hearing about Mid-West weather all day! Teddy is one brave dog!!
NanaDiana said…
Oh- AT least yours looks pretty! We have about 3 feet of snow that is blowing like crazy and it is supposed to be FIFTY BELOW ZERO with the wind chill tonight-just crazy. We are on a "STAY INSIDE" advisory and everything is shut down. xo Diana
Guillaume said…
Here the rain has been pouring. The horror. I miss the snow.
Teddy is too cute. Love the snow pictures. It is -13 degrees here.
Kay said…
I'll bet all the other dogs are envious of Teddy's beautiful coat. Your snow photos are gorgeous!
Oh my goodness, take care with the cold - Teddy looks great as always!
Happy new year!!:)
Kristin_Texas said…
It's 16 degrees this morning. (Pretty unheard of in this part of Texas). Nothing like at your house, but still cold enough for me. ;o)

Pretty pictures!