How Happy Are You

We got a bit of snow last night.   
I just love winter so much.

It makes both Teddy and me so happy.

Not quite as happy as these guys though.  I need to go back to the country of my ancestors.  They know how to have fun.  Check out this video.  I bet it makes you smile!


Anonymous said…
I would be that happy too if we didn't have any snow :-) I'm glad You have it too tough :-)

Good video!

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
We are having cold mornings yet bright, sunny afternoons. The goats are VERY happy with the sun.
Jan said…
I am sure happy now, Jaz, thank you!!! It was really uplifting :D

I love snow, too and I am happy that you finally got some! Have fun...winter is young :)

petoskystone said…
We got just the briefest of brief dusting of snow this morning. Charlsie Puppy doesn't mind the snow so long as it doesn't touch him while he's outside doing his business.
Cottage Tails said…
You would be happy here in NZ with the summer we are NOT having. I feel quite cheated by our summer so far. Your snow doesn't leave me feeling exhilarated at all - being a sun lover that I am. LOL still cracks me up how you adore the cold so much
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I am so happy that you got snow and we didn't, it is bad enough having mud without snow mixed in with it.
Laura said…
I'd be happy too if I had snow like that. Enjoy!

ps...Hugs to Teddy!
I'm glad to hear how happy winter makes you and Teddy. The video was awesome.
I'm S-I-C-K of the S-N-O-W!!!! LOL!!! Cute video! :)
Kay said…
I'm smiling...
Birgit said…
I would love to know what could be seen on the video -- could anyone please let me know? I can't watch it -- it's blocked for German viewers because of the music. ARGH!

Nice snow photos! :)
Sandy said…
Snow!!!! I love snow as long as ice doesn't follow.
Jim said…
Cause I'm happy!!!
Thanks for this!! And like you I do like winter but just want it to be winter and not springlike. But,I AM HAPPY!
It's very warm here. No Winter to speak of and the only time I am totally happy is when I can at least see snow. Just a little Winter like weather would be so welcome. Rain..would be so welcome. I hope something happens soon. Otherwise? :) I'm happy. I get concerned from time to time about things but I am overall..very happy.
My goodness, it does look cold - love snow but I hope you don't get this one, take care, Ozlem x