It's a Black and White World Out There

Pretty bleak looking out there isn't it?  We are about to drop to -10 with a wind chill of -30 again.
 What's going on with this winter?

 It is too cold for the snow melt to work. Isn't that counter intuitive?  The clean area is where the snow was blown off, not melted.  Teddy's umbrella blew over and broke.

 She is still enjoying the snow.

 She just stuck her head in the snow for a big bite.

I have to towel her off each time she comes inside.     
Playing in the snow makes her hungry.


Sunnybrook Farm said…
Some days are black and white even with color so you may as well switch to B&W for those cool photos.
Anonymous said…
That is awful cold! Milder here right now with some snow flakes in the air. So tiny that I won't see any difference on the ground.

Have a great day!
Velva said…
I can't even fathom snow or cold like this- Wow. Stay warm and safe.

Patty Woodland said…
At least Teddy is having fun
Yes, salt and "snow melt" products only work when it's a few degrees below zero. Colder than that and they're useless. That's why on the prairies we use sand on our roads and not salt, like they do in Ontario.
Debby said…
I'm not sure where you live but I know it's not that far away.
Snow and cold here as well. It seems never ending.
Do you know about the Antebellum Barn Sale. It's outside of Granville. There is one coming up in Feb. If you want information about it let me know. I'm ready for some sales and shows. Stay warm and cozy. Give that puppy a hug.
It is cold for sure. Stay warm the best you and Teddy can.
Guillaume said…
Here it is freezing.
Barb said…
At least there is one thing cute in the snow, Teddy!
I get chilled in the house when it drops below 72. I would not do well in that kind of cold. Teddy looks cute with her little frosy head! :)
It looks icy there by the car..heavens, don't fall!! Sister in law just did and broke her wrist. They live in New Hampshire.
Stay cozy.
Where's the hearts??? :)
luckybunny said…
It's sure been unusual. Teddy is so adorable. I'm glad I can hibernate at least a bit. Stay warm!
Kay said…
Playing in the snow would make me hungry too.