Senate Bean Soup and My Biggest Cooking Challenge

It is colder than a witch's boob here today so I made some senate bean soup.  This is a recipe from Bev.
 I still miss her so much but I am sure she is smiling somewhere knowing that I still make all of her recipes.

 You can find the recipe here:

 And here is my new biggest cooking challenge.  Teddy!

Recently, she has taken to sitting right under the stove while I prepare her meal.  She is a bit of an obstacle to maneuver around.  The intense staring is hard to ignore!


Sunnybrook Farm said…
I fixed senate bean soup last week, I kind of use what I have but generally follow the recipe. I baked corn bread as that goes with it really well, I even put some in the soup.
Our dog tries to hang out in the kitchen but it is too dangerous so she has learned that the word GET means to leave the kitchen. She still makes out on samples of the food so is happy to lay just out side the area.
Laurie said…
oh my gosh I was just telling my friend about Bev yesterday, I know you miss her, you were such good buds, this soup is amazing, I have used this recipe too! Teddy is an obstacle for sure,my dog layed at the stove when I cooked too, well he followed me where ever I went, I miss him,
Patty Woodland said…
She has learned where the food drops!
Dee said…
I miss Bev too. I go back and read some of her posts and wonder why she had to leave us - she was one in a million.
Guillaume said…
I love a hearty soup on a cold winter day, or night.
Laura said…
This sounds delicious and perfect for the cold we have right now and will have for the next few days. I'll have to check to see if I have the ingredients.


ps...hugs to Teddy!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Warm soup on a cold winter's day, warms the soul as well as the belly...yummy...
Nellie said…
Love Senate Bean Soup, and yours looks wonderful, a fitting tribute to Bev. Teddy - ever hopeful.
Margaret said…
That sounds great! I made split pea and ham soup yesterday. We had 13 inches of snow and now we have the arctic temps too. Looking at more snow tomorrow and possibly Thursday. Maybe your soup will be on my menu!
Jim said…
Perfect soup for a very cold day! Looks good! Thanks for sharing.
And Teddy knows where to be!
Barb said…
Teddy is so cute. That soup looks so good. It's not so cold here but I have a miserable head cold and soup sounds just right!
It's interesting that I was just thinking of you and how much it hurt you to lose Bev. Then I came online to pay you a visit and you speak of her.
It's been a reflective time for me so am behind a bit on visiting.
The recipe sounds wonderful and I agree that she is somewhere smiling. I much about things like that lately. Age? Maybe. 2013 was such a sad year..I am hoping..if I dare..that this year will be ok. That's all I am asking...just "ok" for fear I might ask too much. a funk! :)

Looking at right on top of all you are up to in the kitchen. Had to call PH in to see you little melted strip on the patio. His brother is in the thick of it in Bucks Harbor Maine.
Stay warm..
Your cabinets in your kitchen..lovely!
Teddy is a great helper, I know.
Sune and Nova do just that when I stand by my counter, it's no use in pushing them away because they'll be back within seconds :-) :-)

Have a great day!
sandra hagan said…
Thanks for the recipe. This is right up my alley.

Unfortunately, I did know of Bev until you posted of her passing. It is wonderful so many remember her!
The Jammie Girl said…
I feel like Bev is with me every time I make one of her recipes. Therefore, we had her Hot Browns for Christmas Eve and her Low Country Breakfast Casserole Christmas morning. And all the dogs in the family got her Cheesy Dog Treats :)