A Trip To The Mountains

 We headed off to the mountains yesterday.

 If we had waited until today, we would have been right in this latest storm.  Call me crazy but I love driving in snow storms.

 A little country cottage.

 Almost all the homes were burning wood.

 This is horse country.

 I love this barn.

 Lots of cows smoking in the cold temps.  It was frigid.

 We were on a quest for fresh eggs and meat.

 We went to our favorite farm hoping they would have lots of both.

We lucked out.  They had just gathered the eggs.
 I like seeing where my eggs come from.

 And these barn kitties liked having company.

They jumped right down.
They greeted The Blog Tech.

This one waited for us outside.


What charming pictures. Love the kitties.
Joy said…
Very cute kitties! Hope you had a fun "tripe"! ;-)
Patty Woodland said…
Awwww, you need a kitty. In a separate place from Teddy of course
Patty Woodland said…
Awwww, you need a kitty. In a separate place from Teddy of course
Mary Ann said…
The pictures were beautiful, but oh, how our spirits all need some respite from the cold and snow!
Anonymous said…
That cottage is so beautiful!

I love seeing snow in photos, especially in photos taken on the other side of the ocean :-)

We got some snow today but thankfully it all melted away :-)

Can't say I agree on driving in snow storms :-)

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
I'm really starting to understand why you love the cold so much - the snow photos are really stunning.

We sometimes take for granted that we get our eggs from our girls, meat off the land and beef from a friend who home kills.
Yup, crazy! LOL! Looks like you had a successful mission! How many eggs did you buy? I'll bet it was dozens!
Nellie said…
Lovely snow pictures! Those are mighty friendly barn kitties. Hopefully you found lots of what you wanted on your trip in the snow.
Guillaume said…
Oh I love those kitties! I miss having a cat so much!
Dog Trot Farm said…
What a nice day for a road trip...Did Teddy enjoy? I think you need a backyard flock of your own...I just know you would enjoy keeping chickens...think of all those wonderful fresh eggs, right at hand...For the past few years we have purchased a quarter of a grass fed cow...it has almost become a necessity to know where your meat is coming from...recalls are becoming the norm...Hope you are enjoying the snow, hugs to Teddy...
1st Man said…
Beautiful pictures. And as others have said, I too love the kitties! Man, that one barn you liked is HUGE. Such neat architecture and history up there. Nothing remotely like that down in these parts.

Stay warm and safe!
"Call me crazy but I love driving in snow storms." -- from your days in Canada, eh? LOL!
chickpea678 said…
We have houses near us that look like that country cottage. I like that style.
All the pictures were great but the one with the chicken on the patch of dirt was my favorite and the one of the cat jumping down to greet you..loved that one too!
Stay warm, Joyce and no you are not crazy for liking to drive in the snow. I love driving when it is raining..and when it is snowing..well except once when we thought we were smart getting behind a snow plow..and slid right into a snowbank...in our motorhome! :)