Another Storm

The Blog Tech bought me flowers for Valentine's Day. Thank you so much, BT!
 I made stuffed cabbage for the shelter for Valentine's Day.  I had my Polish helpers lined up but they both had to work.  So, I made 300 cabbage rolls by myself.  It took 9 straight hours.

 Then I made 32 quarts of very rich mashed potatoes.  This was very heavy food.  It took two of us to carry the stuffed cabbage.  When I arrived at the shelter, there was no one around. As soon as I placed the food in the warming trays and the smell drifted through the shelter, all the men started gathering around to see what their dinner was going to be.  Making this food is a lot of work but when I see the men's reaction to it, it is always worth the effort. When I pulled up to the delivery door, someone announced on the PA system, "our most delicious dinner just arrived at the back door, can some volunteers help to carry it in?".

We had more snow last night, about 6 inches.  Teddy has finally had it with the snow.  She looks at me like it is my fault.

 She just sits and stares until we shovel.

 And there was a lot of shoveling to do.

 The snow melt system has had it too. It stopped working.

This chair was empty last night.  Even my thermometer has quit working. It was 12 degrees when I took this.


Anonymous said…
Those guys must love You! Stuffed cabbage that's so yummy! But I have to say I think it's hard enough just to make some for myself :-)

Strange winter this year, stormy and warm over here and stormy but cold over at Yours!

I do understand Teddy so well :-)

Have a great day!
LOVELY flowers. How sweet. WOW! That was a lot of stuffed cabbage and mashed potatoes to make. The guys there must love you. You bring them such good food. Made with love. POOR TEDDY! Wait til those warmer temps next week.
Danni said…
That is an absolutely gorgeous bouquet! Do I see roses, tulips AND ranunculus??
9 hours and 300 cabbage are an incredible woman!
Mary Ann said…
God will surely bless you, Joyce... and you have given me an idea with this post.

I don't blame Teddy... I am getting dismayed, too, by winter's working here.

Maybe spring will come soon!
Patty Woodland said…
Teddy knows how the goats feel.

I'm sure the men at the shelter were beyond thrilled.

I made seafood bisque. And then strawberry mousse for dessert. It was uber-rich but delightful
Cottage Tails said…
i bet the men folk love you! love the snow photos and maybe Teddy does know you too well with all your wishing for the cold and snow. smile.
Barb said…
Good vibes come back to you! You did all that wonderful cooking and the blog tech brought you flowers.
Joyce those were such good choices for the bitter cold.
Those carbs in the potatoes will help keep them warm!
Its so funny that Teddy won't go out til you've shoveled the snow.
ITs so busy around there! Be careful, you and the tech and anyone else who shovels, its grueling work , so go slow.
Hope you get some sun soon,
NanaDiana said…
You are such a good soul. What a lot of cabbage rolls to make by yourself. I got a lump in my throat when you wrote about the guys coming in when they smelled the food. God bless you and what you do- xo Diana
What a thoughtful son, he must really love his mom!

Your Valentine meal for the shelter really was a work of love, and those guys appreciate you very much!

Look at the love in Teddy's face as she looks at you . . . pleading to make it go away, because you are the mom & mom's have secret powers!

Keep warm!
You take so much time and go to so much trouble... :) You sweet thing!
So darned nice to know there are folks out there like you and your family! I just finished looking at the gorgeous photo's of the countryside. When I see homes like that ..and yours..I always wonder who lives in them and what they are like. I hope some of them are like you! I wonder..
Nellie said…
How lovely! Yes, you definitely deserve flowers! Yay for BT! Another delicious dinner for the shelter!
Guillaume said…
Beautiful pictures, lovely flowers. I can't help but love the snow. Here we had the first fully dry day in ages. Rain is far worse than snow, especially if the rivers can't take it.
petoskystone said…
Yum! Poor Teddy...all of this snow must be someone's fault ;)
When the thermometer quits, you KNOW it's cold, LOL!
Hippo said…
I'm not surprised the chair was empty last night, it looks very comfortable but I wouldn't have slept in it either!
sandra hagan said…
you do have a lot of snow.

i know the look of Teddy. Molly gets the same look when she wants me to do something.

your fingers must be very tired of making cabbage rolls.

luckybunny said…
Aww the blog tech is so sweet! That's a whole lotta mashed taters! Love the pictures of Teddy. Sigh.. and even the snow :)
Kay said…
You should open a restaurant. We would all be coming to feast.
chickpea678 said…
Beautiful flowers! I see ranunculus, one of my favorites!