Another Witch Purchase

 After having recently said that I rarely buy witch items anymore, I've bought another.  In 30 years of collecting vintage witch pieces, I have only seen maybe 3 of these, two of which I now own.  This is a chestnut roaster.

Click for a closer look at a witch flying through the air on her broom.

A floral punch pattern on the back. You place this over hot coals to roast the chestnuts.

The inside.  These pieces are always made of brass.  You can see the mess left from someone polishing it.
I made this cowboy caviar this morning for a party my daughter is going to.  If you haven't tried this recipe yet, give it a shot. It is scrumptious.  You can find the recipe here:


Margaret said…
Wonderful! You must be thrilled with such a great find :) Maggie
Cottage Tails said…
ahhh good score! We have chestnuts growing first time ever. I've never seen a chestnut popper would be soo much neater than putting in a cast iron pan.
Patty Woodland said…
So are you now going to be a two fisted nut roaster?
Hippo said…
That's a really neat bit of kit!

I really like useful utensils that are also ornamental. Your nut roaster would look much better hanging on the wall than my spaetzle press.
jody said…
What a great find!! I love it! Both sides are wonderfully crafted! Congrats! Whats one more addition to your witch collection! Enjoy! I love this texas caviar too!!
Quinn said…
That salsa looks delicious, even though it's 2 degrees F here today! So happy to have pinterest :)
Anonymous said…
Chestnut roasting is rare here so I've only seen one chestnut roaster before i my life and that was when I went to Paris. It didn't look that beautiful as Yours does :-)

Have a great day!
Barb said…
Do you have any idea of the age of the roaster or who made it? I have one and consider it one of my best pieces. You have so many wonderful old witch pieces but I came fairly late to collecting and have very few good pieces.
"Cowboy caviar" -- LOL! I'll have to remember that one!
luckybunny said…
That is awesome!! great recipe too.
Wow..that is an interesting piece! I have never seen one before..but I think you might find those on the East Coast rather than here out West. :)
Here there be Cowboys!!
The salad looks fantastic. Yep..I will try this recipe too.
I've been aced on the A&P cake. Daughter in law (with the bakery) wants to make it and will bring it to dinner on Sunday.
It's raining and for a bit, I've never seen rain like that here in California. It roared down off the roof and began to flood the sheds. We grabbed old bath towels and stuffed them around the edges of the shed to try and keep the water out. I don't think it did one bit of good..but who cares. I think my naked rain dance worked!! :)
P.S. Probably because God was afraid I would do it again. It was a win win situation! :)
That is an awesome chestnut roaster. PERFECT.
Kay said…
That's a lovely chestnut roaster and your Cowboy caviar looks delicious and healthy.
Guillaume said…
It is nice to have lots of witch-related stuff and witches imagery in a house.