Guess What It Is Doing Outside?

 Snowing!  What a shocker.

 There is a whole city out there somewhere under the wall of white.

 I shoveled off a patch for Teddy to sit and watch it snow.

 I think she could sit here and watch it all day.

I think she just might.


Guillaume said…
You have to admit, it is absolutely beautiful. Although I do agree that after Christmas it gets a bit old.
Patty Woodland said…
Guess what it's doing here?
Laura said…
It's coming for us this week (finally!). I'm really hoping for a lot.

ps...hugs to Teddy!
Anonymous said…
You really got that winter You like so much! I'm so gkad You did because that seems to make our winter the way I want it, warm :-)

Have a great day!
Barb said…
Teddy is too cute sitting there watching the snow! We actually got a few inches last night.
sandra hagan said…
Oh Teddy, you are a dreamer! ❤ a kindred.
Sandy said…

I love your Teddy, just sitting there enjoying mother nature at it's finest.
The news is full of the storms, snow and ice in the East Coast! It just keeps getting hammered with bad weather it seems. No shortage of Winter for you! :)
Your Spring is going to be gorgeous..and I am doubting we will have one at all. Saddens me.
Teddy is just plain enjoying her life..The Mom..the snow, the's all just wonderful!
TEDDY looks pretty content to sit and watch the snow fall.
Kay said…
It's a good thing she's got a warm coat to keep her happy.
luckybunny said…
Awww I love these pictures!!