I Finally Cooked My Ovens To Death

Well, I finally did it.  I cooked my ovens to death.  It happened last week.  The repairman showed up yesterday and told me it was time to put them out of their misery.  I jumped in the car and ran to the appliance store to buy new ones. 
 They will be installed on Monday and hopefully I will be back up and running.  I am in bread making withdrawal. I've promised myself to read the entire instructions manual and to keep it as clean as possible this time.  I am bad about reading manuals. I chose to buy another Thermador as the old one worked really well until this last year.  I got 12 years out of it. This one has a real clock and knobs and no touch pad which is what did the old ones in.  Out with the old, in with the new. The shelter might be happier than I am about the new ovens!


Patty Woodland said…
I am very disappointed in my Dacor. It's broken three times in the three years since we've installed it and if I use it too much something clicks off that causes the hubby to have to take it apart and do something internally. I'm fortunate in that he is handy or ugh.

The touchpad on the front is wonky and the light does not work. This is just wrong for a range that was expensive and has only been in operation for three and a half years. When we replace it - and I suspect it will be soon - it will not be with another Dacor.

I wish I could get something like that. I wanted double ovens but we just couldn't fit them in. It was one of my two mistakes - that range. After being in the fifthwheel the four burner looked so big. I never thought I'd have use for a six burner for just the two of us. I was wrong. With all the canning I do I could really use a six burner but it's too late now...live and learn.
Patty Woodland said…
I'm sure you'll rock with your new ovens. I can't wait to see what you make
CONGRATULATIONS on the new ovens. ENJOY! RIP to the old ones for a job well done.
Cottage Tails said…
your ovens get a lot of work the new one is going to be thrilled to live at your place and get to cook its little heart out.
Nellie said…
I am so excited for you! There are very few things that excite me as much as something new and useful for the kitchen!:-)
Guillaume said…
I am sure it was a lovely way to die.
That's happy news! They should put your old worn-out ovens in the Culinary Hall of Fame.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
You have put the old ovens to good use, best wishes on the new ones, you will have fun breaking them in!
Anonymous said…
Twelve yars are after all a good age on ovens. Most give up much earlier. I have never liked those touch buttons, they always give up sooner rather than later. We have those touch buttons at work on my painting machines and I just hate them. Takes forever to change settings and they do give up after a while and then I can't adjust anything :-)

Have a great day and Good Luck with Your new ovens!
Joyce they are amazing; Kind of a restaurant in the kitchen look
My OKeefe and Merrit, c. 1950
Is coughing and sputters sometimes
but I keep cleaning her out and she chugs along every day.
We got her at a second hand store when we bought our first house and I've lugged her everywhere.
Its like moving a car too!
Barb said…
I'm sure the new ovens will love their new home!!
Stunning! I have a Thermadore range at our cottage, it's got to be 17 yrs old!

Enjoy your new toy!
Stunning! I have a Thermadore range at our cottage, it's got to be 17 yrs old!

Enjoy your new toy!
Kay said…
You are absolutely amazing! You've going to love your new appliances and so will everybody else.
Joyce, I am so happy for you!! Of all the people I know, you without ovens...is not a good thing. It would be like me without my arms.

I just want to say this..and then I'll shut up. :) My oven is original to this home which was built in 1958. Howard moved here in 1961. No repairs..I don't think they even knew was "calibrated" meant. It's a Tappan and an a wonderful little oven. The best I've ever owned.
Howard says it's never even been repaired in anyway. That's amazing to me.
:) of course it didn't get the work out that yours did! Not by a long shot.
Hippo said…
My Bosch is either on or off so I am pretty adept at judging the temperature I need. For example, doing something like a sponge cake is five minutes on, ten minutes off for three cycles. A roast is ten minutes on, five minutes off for six cycles. I'll get round to getting a new one I guess.
Joy said…
Have fun breaking in the new ovens! I think mine may be on the fritz...rental apt. weren't meant to have someone cook or bake like I do nearly every day!
luckybunny said…
Beautiful ovens, can't wait till you get the new ones up and running so you can get back to baking!!