It's never a good thing when you wake up and look out your windows and can't see through your windows.  Ice!
 It's hard to see but we have about 1/2 inch of ice covering everything.

 You know how much I love winter but ice?  Not so much.

 It is just too dangerous.

 Teddy's umbrella is coated in it.

The pups bowl is frozen.
It's very pretty though!
Teddy was looking at it from the inside.  Smart pup!


Michelle said…
And hard for the animals to walk on it
Sunnybrook Farm said…
The only thing worse is if the wind is blowing and then it snows on top of it. But we just have rain here and mud.
Teddy's got the right idea. Stay inside and enjoy the view. We got 10 inches of snow here last night, so that's what I'm going to do.
Mystica said…
I know the grass is always greener etc etc but I do so love the look of it!
Nellie said…
Ice is not something I enjoy at all! Hoping you will be able to stay safe and warm!
Patty Woodland said…
It's so beautiful yet so destructive. Stay safe. And warm. -9° this morning.
sandra hagan said…
I believe it was 2008, I was in Buxton, Maine, and lived through their first ice storm in over 20 years.
It was the decider of my moving back to Florida.

The snow and shoveling was something I enjoyed and could do.

Be safe!
Anonymous said…
Yes, Teddy is a smart girl :-)

Ice is nasty but it does give the snow a beautiful glow in the evening when lights hit it. It'll stay above 32 here during days for at least a week they say so our gravel road is covered with a thin layer of ice in the morning from the melting snow the day before.

Have a great day!
Barb said…
I'd say Teddy is one very smart pup! We are having the huge celebration today and some fans that went to NY for the game can't get back for the parade and celebration.I lived in the Mid-West for years, I don't remember a winter like the one you are having.
Guillaume said…
Ice and snow are better than rain, believe me!
My Bella loves the snow and cries to go out. It must be her Labrador blood It was cold today and oh so much snow. We could be getting more on Sunday.
I think that kind of cold would do me in! So acclimated to this warmer weather that I even use microwaved towels to wrap my feet and legs in when it's 50 degree's here and 72/73 in the house. I mean, that really LOOKS cold. Beautiful but so cold.
Jim said…
Oh that ice is the culprit! And Teddy knows where to stay! Cute!
Kay said…
I just love looking at Teddy. He's the cutest little dog!