It's Cold Around Town

 What a winter it has been around here.

 It has been frigid this past week and I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos from my area that make this point.

 Those of you in California and the Southern Hemisphere can get your winter on.

 I bet you don't envy this?

 This is how people reserve their parking spots in this neck of the woods.  Remove this chair at your own risk. You could get shot!

 You need 4WD to get up the hills around here.  I hope you are stayimg warm where ever you are!


Joy said…
Crazy! It was 40F here today in Warsaw and sunny! We've definitely had a mild winter accord. to the locals. And not much in the forecast at all. Funny, we thought we'd be heading into our worst winter ever and looks like the East Coast has really took the brunt of it instead!

Stay warm!
Cottage Tails said…
brrrrrr - nope still a sun lover
Good grief! You were out there in it taking pictures??? But of course you were! LOL OF COURSE YOU WERE!! That's our Joyce! :)
That is one DAMN impressive road booger!
Are you tired of it Joyce, or do you still like the snow?
Anonymous said…
That top photo is amazing!

It's a bit odd that You have those nasty cold temperatures and snow when it's above 32 and almost snow free here. Well I won't complain anyway :-)

Have a great day in winter wonderland!
Guillaume said…
I love snow, cold I like less, but it is sometimes a necessary evil. With the floods we have here, I would rather have Siberian temperatures.
Loved seeing how folks reserve parking spaces. Made me smile. My car is literally buried in a foot or more of snow and won't budge.
Violet Blume said…
I have been reading your blog for a couple weeks, just wanted to say Thanks for the great posts. I really enjoy the inspiration from your home! Beautiful!
Barb said…
Wow! those pictures really bring your winter to life. I am wondering if we will get any snow at all this year. Portland got slammed yesterday but nothing up here.
Looks like yourwiner is colder than ours :-)
Great shots!
sandra hagan said…
I probably wouldn't want to live in this winter. However, the winter photos are excellent. The top photo is stunning.
I Wonder Wye said…
Enough already - winter needs to go awayyyyy….i used to hate summer heat and humidity but it's starting to sound pretty good now...
Kay said…
Chicago does the same thing with putting chairs out to save the parking spaces. I'm appreciating our warm weather in Hawaii right now.