More of the Mountain Trip

 I want to show you more of what it looks like up in the mountains.  It is such a gorgeous place.

 We saw the Do Not Enter sign and just had to check it out!

 There are lots of these private drives all over the mountain sides.

Click for a closer look.  Most of the really big houses look like this one.
 There are trout streams throughout the forest.

 A lot of these places look like they belong in an Andrew Wyeth painting.

 This home is right across from a steeple chase course.

 Barns everywhere because it is horse country.

 A windmill.  I am guessing this is a water pump.

 Click for a closer look.  This is a rare entrance to see in this area since it is very Western. Most places have a Hunt Country look.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I am getting ready for two more snow storms!


Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, Joyce!
LOVE that gate. It's awesome. There is something very special about the mountains in the winter. STAY safe when those storms hit. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Enjoy.
Anonymous said…
Beautfiful houses and area! and of course one must check a don't enter sign road :-)We rarely see them over here though.

Stay warm in those storms!

Patty Woodland said…
Enjoy your Valentine's Day. I'm gonna start cooking soon!
Beautiful photos! Happy Valentine's to you!
Laura said…
What a beautiful place to live! Happy Valentine's Day!
Mary Ann said…
Your pictures are like a vacation trip for me! A snowy one!
Barb said…
Beautiful pictures! I love those houses and barns!
Hippo said…
If photo number six were a painting, I'd definitely give it pride of place on my wall. Right above my desk, I think, so I could look at it every day.
sandra hagan said…
thank you for sharing.

you are right about Andrew Wyeth painting. Love them.
Kay said…
These are such gorgeous winter scenes.