On The Road

Just a short post today.  We are heading to the mountains to buy fresh free range eggs.  
 And to stock up on chicken and grass fed beef.

I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully some good pics!  Stay safe if you are in this southern ice storm!


Suzanne said…
We are having to spend the night at work tonight.
Cottage Tails said…
wow the photos are stunning - snow gives everything such a different look. I sure can tell meat that has been Grass fed and free range.
Mary Ann said…
Your area looks like OURS... but the thaw is supposedly starting today... however, at 13 out this morning (up from 9 below yesterday).... it remains to be seen!
Anonymous said…
Have fun :-)

I'm so glad to see that it's You that have all the snow now :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
You are brave. Here the roads are so bad with the weather, I want to be anywhere BUT on the road.
Nellie said…
Hope you found what you wanted on this trip!
Laura said…
Have a good trip! It sounds like a fun day. We finally have snow here! Lots and lots of snow! Yippee!!!


ps...Hugs to Teddy
Barb said…
Have a great and safe trip!
I hope, hope, hope you get home before the storm hits you. The news says it is on it's way in your direction..or so I think. I don't have a blasted map in my head..grrrr.. just get home safe and sound.
Wanted to tell you. You can get the sweetest little chicken coups made (and they are adorable) for a few chickens..and have your own fresh eggs. Of course right now you might end up with chickens in a deep freeze. :) I always wanted a few chickens but they are not allowed within the city limits.
But with your yard..who in the world would know! Problem is..I would love to have a rooster too.
Not a good idea unless you want to raise chicks. Dawn has her coop on wheels so she can roll it around her yard..that girl!! She bought baby chicks and raised them..expects them to start laying next month or so.
Soooo anyway...just a thought!
:) uh huh...
Lovely photos. Hope your mission was successful.
chickpea678 said…
That last photo looks like a painting!