Still Snowing Here

I sure can't complain about our winter this year.

 We have had more snow than I can remember.

 A big storm is on the way for tonight.

 And another is due this weekend.

 I find such beauty in winter.

 I hope the fish in this pond will make it.

 It's easy to like spring, summer and fall but you have to look a little harder to see winter's beauty.

 A lone apple.

 My pathetically unkempt orchard with the apple arbor.

 I love the way the English Walking Stick looks this time of year.

And the glorious Paper Bark Maples.
 Frozen pond.

Frosty puppy.


Barb said…
I think the yard looks beautiful. I love the texture of the various barks and you really only notice them in the winter. Stay safe with another storm coming.
Anonymous said…
Even I can see the beauty in winter, in photographs :-) Your garden look so beautiful with the snow.

We'll have above 32F here during days for saome time now so I'm hoping that all the snow will melt away before it gets cold again and I'm pretty sure it will because we're only in early febuary yet.

Have a great day!
Mary Ann said…
Teddy looks happy! And I would love to have a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick plant... you lucky thing!

We are getting the same two storms... and I'm getting tired of winter.
Patty Woodland said…
We got another 5 inches yesterday and woke up to -6°. Winter has found us. Brrrrr
Beautiful! I envy your wet winter -- our Arizona mountains could sure use some moisture to help us through what's shaping up to be a dry spring and summer.
greekwitch said…
Stay warm and make something yummy and hot! We promise we won't drool... much!!
I'm sure you're the only person in your State who's enjoying this winter, LOL!
Nellie said…
Yes, there is more snow on the way if the predictions can be trusted! It sounds like a lot is coming your way!
Guillaume said…
How I miss the snow! Here it is pouring rain and windy.
LOVE the FROSTY puppy. I concede winter is beautiful but with another foot of snow expected here tonight I must admit I'm tired of it.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Snow! We haven't had any more of that here just some icing on the mountain tops. Enjoy it, soon it will be warm and green again!
petoskystone said…
Frosty puppy looking for a bone?
I live my early years in Oregon and have never gotten over missing the snow. Probably never will. When one is warm and cozy and loved ones are near, how can one not like Winter. Enjoy every minute!
Kay said…
I love looking at your beautiful winter in my tank tops. It can be dangerous, but so beautiful too.