Fat Sparrows with Sausage

 Here is a quick recipe that I found in a cookbook a while back and have been making a lot recently since we are drowning in maple syrup.  I tweaked the recipe and my guys love this version. The Blog Tech and I went to another sugar shack tour yesterday and I have tons of photos to edit so I will show them tomorrow.
  For the fat sparrows you will need 1 egg, a pinch of salt, 1 C. sour cream, 1 heaping tsp. of baking soda, 1 C. flour, 2 T. sugar and 2 tsp. of vanilla extract to a bowl.

 First whisk together the liquid ingredients.

 Then whisk in the dry ingredients.

 Heat about 1/4 inch of canola oil in a heavy pan. Drop scoops of the batter into the oil.

 Keep an eye on these because they can brown quickly on the outside before they are cooked in  the middle.  Adjust your heat if this happens.

 Serve sitting on a pool of maple syrup.

 These are crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy in the middle. I served them with some really good locally made hot sausage.


Connie said…
Oh, my but these look good!
Happy St. Paddy's Day,
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)
Anonymous said…
oh wow, this makes me hungry for sure, this is my kind of food, now tell me, would you not rather have this than shredded wheat, lol!!
Nellie said…
This looks like a good way to begin the day! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Guillaume said…
My kind of meal.
Patty Woodland said…
How interesting - I wonder how they got the name?
Anonymous said…
I've never seen thgis before but it looks delicious! I would never have guessed that it would work great with sausages so this is a must try :-)

Looking forward to those photos and to read how it all was on Your trip :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Oh drowning in maple syrup sounds wonderful! and so does this dinner.. hope you are getting some sun! c
Drowning in syrup sounds yummy. Those sausages look good too.
Cynnn said…
This recipe looks very yummy.

I have never posted before, I found your blog a year ago. I always check your blog everyday to see what new recipes, what your beautiful garden is doing, the lovely dog you have, and what witchy things you get.

I am a gardener, cook, pagan, young adult and I just love your website. Thanks for your website. Please just keep doing what you do.
1st Man said…
I have never ever in my life heard of this but dang, I am so going to ask 2nd Man make this soon!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
These look delicious! I've never heard of them, and now I can't wait to make them. Thank you, happy St. Patrick's Day!
Ness Crisp said…
I'm very much going to introduce my family to this recipe. It looks so good for those winter nights that are approaching fast.
Of course I HAVE to try these! They look wonderful and I think thick maple bacon will do instead of those
*sigh* fat beautiful sausages. :)
You are wonderful..:):)
sandra hagan said…
Oh. My merci!

I must make these sunday. i must go purchase maple syrup.

luckybunny said…
I could totally eat this RIGHT now!