Juicy Turkey Burgers

I will post about yesterday's trip tomorrow.  I have hundreds of photos to work my way through.  It was a unique experience and I am sure you will enjoy seeing it.  Today I thought I would post these turkey burgers I made the other day.  I've never been a big fan of turkey burgers but these are terrific.
Several hours or a day ahead of cooking these, mix 1 pound of ground turkey with 2 T. of olive oil.  Add 1-1/2 tsp. of dijon mustard, 2 minced garlic cloves, 1 T. chopped fresh parsley, 1 T. Italian seasoning, 1 tsp. granulated garlic, 1/2 tsp. cracked black pepper, 1/4 tsp. seasoned salt and a teaspoon or so of hot sauce.  Mix this together well and refrigerate it until the flavors blend.  When you are ready to cook them, form them into 4 patties.

I toasted some of my homemade hamburger buns in a bit of butter and I cooked the turkey burgers on a griddle pan.

Figure out what kind of cheese you want to use on them.  I used a delicious Double Gloucester. This cheese is so good that I always have some in my fridge.

These burgers have to be cooked through but the olive oil keeps makes them juicy.

Top them with the cheese and let them sit until the cheese melts.

I spread the buns with mayonnaise.

They were so good that I added nothing else to them.


Patty Woodland said…
I'm not a big fan of ground turkey either. I haven't had it in years.
Mary Ann said…
I have never had a yen for turkey burgers, but those look GOOD!
Anonymous said…
They do look yummy but turkey isn'tespecially common over here. I doubt I can find ground chicken either but I could of course pick out the ancient meat grinder and make some myself :-)

Have a great day!
Your reference to "cooking the burgers through" made me remember that when I go to the USA, I always have to consciously school myself to order well-done burgers because otherwise they come half cooked i.e. "medium." In Canada of course, well-done burgers are absolutely standard everywhere. It's probably the law.
I have never had a turkey burger. These look yummy. And that cheese sounds scrumptious.
Megs said…
I definitely will be trying these. In light of the snow we may or may not get, I have hog maw in the oven.
Can't wait to see your road trip!
sandra hagan said…
The turkey burgers look good. Your recipe is different and I think it will be delicious.
Like you, I am not a huge fan of turkey burgers. Usually I find them dry. I enjoy the taste but not the texture. I may try these. It seems the good for you olive oil solves that problem They certainly do look delicious..
Guillaume said…
I rarely have a burger that is not made of red meat.
Kay said…
Oh yum! This looks delicious!