Korentovanje Festival Part ll

 The Blog Tech and I walked down the street to find the beginning of the parade.

 As we approached, we saw a horse drawn carriage coming down the main street. (Click on the pics to enlarge.) It appeared  that the horse and carriage were supposed to be part of the parade.

 But then the horse continued down the main street.

 We were not quite sure if it was part of the parade or not.

 As we got closer we could see the horse picking up speed to run down the main street to the dismay of it's two handlers.

 Then we turned the corner and saw what the horse had just seen......Kurents!

 Lots of Kurents.  That horse has seen a lot over the years being a city horse and all but it had never seen a Kurent before and it had no intentions of getting anywhere near them.  Seriously, the Kurents are scary.  They carry big clubs and run straight towards you screaming and grunting.  They are, after all, trying to scare winter away. Everywhere I looked, I saw small children crying. I think The Blog Tech might have cried a little bit. Not really, he is a big bad Blog Tech and would never cry. I just watched the March forecast for this year and I think we all might need a band of Kurents.

 The festival had a princess (think of the movie, Polish Wedding).

 Every few minutes the Kurents shake violently to play their bells.

 Hi there friendly waving Korentovanje character. 

 And then we saw something really interesting happen.  Look way down the street.

 Dancers in costume came walking to the start of the parade from all the side streets.

 They were coming from their homes.

 It looked like a Sunday with people walking to the neighborhood church.

 But they were all coming to march in the parade and dance.

 It made me want to be Slovenian.

 There were lots of ladies dressed in traditional Slovenian attire, carrying baskets filled with candy which they passed out to the children.  Apparently trying to sooth the small ones traumatized by the Kurents.

 If anyone out there is Slovenian and can enlighten me on the Korentovanje traditions, I would greatly appreciate it.  I would really like to know why Captain Hook and his wife are part of this parade.

 Get ready to shake and ring.

 The small red guy is the Korentovanje devil.  He carries a pitchfork and shakes it in your face. I kept telling them I was not a winter spirit, though you know I actually am.  Those Kurents had my number.

 The only thing scarier than a Kurent is a Cleveland Browns fan.

 Go away creepy Kurent.

 Stop shaking that bat at everyone.

 Leave that poor woman alone.

If you want to see a Korent charge The Blog Tech and hear the bells, watch the video.

Here comes the Bear Kurent.  The parade is about to start.  More tomorrow if you can stand it.


Patty Woodland said…
To me those Kurents' bells look like they have their pompoms on backwards.
Cottage Tails said…
Thanks for taking us along with you. Loved it and chasing away winter now that sounds fab!!!! The Korents do look scary
Anonymous said…
I can't stop laughing about that horse :-) I do understand it so well :-)

It must have been so cold for those dancers! At least for the ladies with so littyle clothes on. No wonder they want to scare away winter :-)

So Captain Hook is from Slovenia, who would have guessed :-)

Looking forward to more :-)

Have a great day!
The more those Korents chase away winter, the better. Glad you had fun.
This is so utterly, utterly charming! Yes, more tomorrow PLEASE!
Megs said…
I love the parade, and the Korents! Can't wait for the next installment.

cl said…
I am Slovenian and live in the Cleveland area but can not add to what you had yesterday. You were very near the best Slovenian smoked sausage in the world at Azman's . That's where I get mine. And some really great Slovenian food at Sterle's on 55th Street, south of St. Clair

Browns fans are only scary if you are a Steelers fan (usually)
Guillaume said…
This really reminds me of Quebec City's and Chicoutimi's carnivals.
bzepp said…

We tried to go to Azman's, but the oodles of road construction made it nigh impossible to reach. My mother and I wound up feeling as though it would have been easier for us to go to Slovenia, actually! Thanks so much for the Slovenian restaurant recommendation! I now have to think of a reason for my mother and I to go back to Cleveland so we can eat there. And also: I am personally not afraid of Browns fans! I'd love nothing more than to see the Browns win a super bowl. I love the underdogs (I'm a Pirates fan, in other words)!

-Blog Tech
Kay said…
The Korents remind me of Where the Wild Things Are. I can see why they might scare children.
Barb said…
Those Korents are very scary looking. What a brave blog tech!!!!
Deb said…
I can't offer enlightenment on Slovenian customs, but here in England we go to the Green Man festival in May, in a tiny town in Shropshire. Here the Green Man battles the Frost Queen for the arrival of spring and banishment of winter. The Green Man always wins!

What a great festival!
sandra hagan said…
i don't trust anything that doesn't have eyes and wears bells on its butt.

i love the dancer's red costumes.

thanks for sharing.