Maple Syrup Season is Over

 The Blog Tech and I hit the road early yesterday to go to the last maple syrup festival of the season.

 From what we heard, this was the big one.

 We drove far up into the mountains with much anticipation.

 The area was beautiful though not a sign of Spring could be seen.

 Lots of Amish farms in this area.

 Soon to be a big garden.

 On and on we drove.

 And then we were there.

 Geeze, is this it?

 In this strange little town,  you have to back your car in to park.

It was sort of like a ghost town.

 No car parking at the local bank. Only horse and buggy parking allowed.

 We finally tracked down the festival.


 This festival was really packing them in!

 Great choice of food....not. 

 If you paid this guy 13.00, you got a tin mug and unlimited soda all day. I can't imagine who was spending a whole day here.

 An historic house.

 The local beauties.

 A couple of tapped trees.

 And then we headed home.

Sugaring season came in like a lion but went out like a lamb this year for The Blog Tech and me.  We've hung up our proverbial maple boots for the season.  And um, we returned without one maple product.  There were barely any to be seen. Win a few, lose a few!


too funny, kinda like the county fair we went to in heber springs arkansas
Anonymous said…
But the landscape was at least beautiful :-) I guess that to back in the car is a safety thing, no risk of just backing out of the parking lot and hit a passing car and no parking by the bank makes it a bit more difficult to be a bank robber.

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
mmm was a tad of a fizzer wasn't it. But I sure enjoyed your photos - there sure is something bout Amish farms that feels soo good.
Anonymous said…
My daughter loves to go to those in Vermont!!! They have maple sugar EVERYTHING. Even maple sugar and dill pickles, not something I would try.
Barb said…
Looks like a big disappointment. You did get some pretty pictures though. I sure hope Spring comes quickly. We were in Alabama for 10 days and came home to glorious green!! To me, the rain is such a small price to pay for this incredible green! I hope you get some soon!!!(green that is)
Patty Woodland said…
Sorry it was a bummer. At least the previous ones were good.

Question re: the Paska; no salt? I made it yesterday but I just couldn't make it without salt. Yeast likes salt so I added 3/4 tsp and I feel it could have used a bit more.
Anonymous said…
maybe a nice drive though? I really like the look of the buggies,
Sorry to hear your last event was a bust. You did have some good times earlier, though.
luckybunny said…
That's funny about the mug and unlimited soda. Sugar time is just beginning here, but it's going to be super duper short. It's run this week a couple times but not like crazy, and we are hoping at this point for a gallon or two. Such a weird start to spring.