On The Road Again

Back tomorrow.  Off on an adventure!  Hopefully lots of photos for tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Have fun :-)

jody said…
Enjoy your day!!
Patty Woodland said…
Have a most delightful time!
Nellie said…
Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Enjoy the journey.
JOYCE! I hear another big storm is headed your way. I hope you have this trip planned right. :) Please don't get lost in the snow.
We had the A&P Spanish Bar cake tonight for dinner and it's irresistable. What a great cake and I am not a cake lover at all. Takes lots of frosting and some ice cream for me to like it ..but not this cake. Not this cake. :) Cheryl made it at the bakery and brought it with her to dinner tonight. I could have had it for dinner and nothing else!
:) Thanks for all the time you take posting these delicious recipe's..not to mention so many other great things about your blog.
Sending a HUG and a big Thank you for all the work you go to. I'm looking forward to the pictures of your trip. There is always a great story behind these trips.