An Early Spring Walk Through the Gardens

 First, I would like to thank all of you for your suggestions for Teddy's poor paw.  Sedation is not an option for Teddy. Sedation makes Teddy very mean.  When she starts to feel loopy, she will bite anyone that comes near her. Been there, done that one time too many times and it is an awful experience. Unless you have had a chow, it is hard to understand how stubborn they can be. You can not make them do something they don't want to. No amount of treats or baby talk works.  I am making an appointment with the vet and my husband and I will visit him and discuss the situation. You all gave me lots of good input!

 Hey Teddy, do you want to check out the gardens and look for bad kitties? 

 This time of the year a bad kitty can be spotted a mile away.

Teddy surveys her domain.
 Only the earliest signs of Spring can be seen, a few crocuses here and there.

 Tulips peeping up.

 Lady's Mantle.


 Fish!  The fish made it through the winter.  I was sure they would be floaters.

 And just to the right of the Rhubarb stake, the rhubarb.



 Why don't you get a drink Teddy?

 Don"t drink a fish. It would be horrible to survive this winter and then end up in a chow chows stomach.

 Does that water taste fishy?

 Blue tongue alert.  Click for a closer look.

 Don't drink the whole pond.

 Ummm...I think I have a bit of work to do at the gazebo.

Looking down the creek which will soon be flowing.


Anonymous said…
such beautiful signs of spring, most likely Teddy's paw will heal itself, if she's licking it it will heal, Does your vet make house calls, is that only around here?I'm so glad your fish survived. your blog looks great, we are still under snow storm watch,
Poor Teddy! I hope you find a solution that works for her paw.
It's such a beautiful day! Have fun working in your garden! Yesterday's warm temps finally melted the snow off my garden beds! I got to start my yard work after work! Loved it!
Anonymous said…
Looks like Teddy had a great time in the garden. Wonderful to see the plants surface.
Have a great day.
Patty Woodland said…
Spring is truly on its way. I do hope the vet can provide something to help
Megs said…
Let us know how the vet consult works out.
I see rhubarb sauce in the future!
Yeah for the fish!
Cottage Tails said…
Hope vet has some solutions for you - will Teddy let you take photos so you can show the vet. Your garden is waking up seems funny when we are putting ours to bed
Love Leanne
Anonymous said…
I couldn't help it but I started to laugh when I saw Your gazebo :-) That will take some time to look good again :-)

So finalkly spring has arrived to You too but I guess summer will hit You pretty soon. Here nights are nasty cold but the days are rather wonderful :-)

I do hope the vet can do something for poor Teddy!

Have a great day!
Carole said…
Just stopped by to let you know you've been featured today over at Carole's Chatter. Cheers
luckybunny said…
I'm reading backwards so I am not sure yet what happened to Teddy's paw, hope it's OK... was very excited to see spring like pictures, still all snowed in here. Everything looks so beautiful, and new :) Love these pictures of Teddy. Hope you are well! And off to read more. I am in bed resting and using this time to do some catch up on all I have missed. I have missed you and Teddy!
Guillaume said…
Funny, I blogged about an evening walk myself tonight.
I love your posts and Teddy is adorable! Gotta visit your farm someday. It is glorious via your pictures.
Barb said…
I'm so glad spring has finally decided to come to your area!!
Can't believe the fish survived the winter. Had to chuckle over the possibility of Teddy swallowing one.
Loli said…
Teddy has a really shiny hair. She looks gorgeous, hope her paw will be fine soon! I love her!
sandra hagan said…
hope there is resolution for Teddy soon.
Danni said…
Spring is looking lovely up that way! Hope Teddy's paw heals up soon. While I don't have a chow, I have a Jack who is similar under sedation and stubborn as a giant mule, so I can only imagine what any attempt to wrangle Teddy in to something would be like!
Jim said…
Good that you both will discuss Teddy's paw with the vet. Hope a good approach will surface.
Your spring garden is coming along and a tad (a lot) ahead of ours here on the Tundra (lol)! Pretty soon it will be green all over in your garden!
Joyce said…
When I see your emails come up - I anxiously look to see if you have included Teddy. He is soooo cute.
Hopefully the vet will have something good for his paw so he can go out and watch over his domain.
Love him. Thanks for your emails.