It's a good thing that I like to garden as much as I do because it is the only thing that enables me to let go of winter.  And it was the best winter we have had in years.  It was 78 degrees yesterday and will be 84 today so the lettuce went into the raised bed.
 I was able to plant 6 different varieties in this bed.

 Teddy wants to visit the lower gardens and waits patiently for me to open the gates after I finish watering.

 This is the time of year when we post stupid pics like this one.  Those tiny green flecks are my first radishes.  So exciting!

 I wish I could remember what I planted in the Apostle planter last year.

 I have to go back to last year and see what I planted here.  I think some of these are day lilies.

 I have been studying this for days and I think it is time for it to come down.  I am investigating the possibility of having a grand gazebo built here.  This one was built from black locust trunks and is slowly returning to the earth. I would like to build one that could act as a guest cottage.

 Chows love nothing more than to observe their domain.

 She only moves her head looking for any movement below. She is ready to spring into action at the slightest sign of any movement.

 She checks every bit of the lower garden.

 You never know where a bad kitty might be hiding.

 After her job is done, she descends to the pond.

 But wait.....

 Teddy smells something.  (click to enlarge any photos)

 She decides it is not a threat and stomps through the pachysandra.

 Currents leafing out.

 The rhubarb is unfurling.

 Lots of asparagus popping up.

 These trees covered only 2/3 of the neighbors house 8 years ago.  No prying eyes now!

 Drink time.

 The red spots are the fish.

 For whatever reason, the fish swim up to Teddy when she drinks.  Stupid fish.

 The tour is over and after assuring herself the gardens are safe from intruders, she heads home.

 A short stop for a pooh...I spared you that shot.  However, notice how Teddy runs as fast as she can from her poop? It never ceases to make me laugh.  She is a serial pooper.

Job well done Teddy!  You took care of a lot of stuff in a short period of time.


Anonymous said…
It's amazing how fast plants start to grow over at Yours! We've had spring since late February and still it looks like You are speeding past us already :-)

But tings are happening here too to be honest, some trees are leafing out now and I think I have one daffodil on the way too :-)

Have a great day!
Any improvment on Teddy's paw?
Patty Woodland said…
We are still a long way from planting. He's got his seedlings going but...
Looks like Teddy's paw has healed up now. Enjoy Spring!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
No snow? I thought you had it year round there. That lettuce looks good.
Anonymous said…
that Teddy does take her job very seriously, time for a raise I think, lol!! Maybe more sea food? The thought of a grand gazebo, oh my, how wondrous, and I get excited over a one room cabin with an out house, lol!!!!We truly live in different worlds, lol,
The gazebo you describe sounds wonderful. Teddy does a good job patrolling the gardens.
Megs said…
Teddy is on task! My cat always runs madly about after she uses her litter box. I thought it was to air-dry!
Jim said…
Teddy appears to be as stoic as that Snowy Owl I saw yesterday.....being very motionless until somethings stirs....then pounce!
I really like your gardens with all that stonework and pathways.
You are a few weeks ahead of us but hey we are WAY north of you!
Guillaume said…
I love gardening, the little gardening I used to do to help my parents or in-laws anyway. I miss doing it. The rhubarb plants remind me of my grandmother's place.
Barb said…
Teddy makes a wonderful garden guard!
Sandy said…

Nice tour Teddy!!!

Great looking garden my friend, I do love the raised bed too. It makes it so much easier when the bed it raised and you don't have to kneel down to get your vegetables.
I hope the snow doesn't ruin anything. I am thinking of planting a few things in pots. but..I probably won't. Your gardens always do great. Not that I would want snow..but I am not at all happy with the winter we had...and Fall and Winter are my times of the year. I never even put a coat on once. Sweaters only.

I've lots of pots just sitting around. I ought to at least try it. Right? :)
A serial pooper? LOL Funny!!
Loli said…
Bon Bon always runs away after he made a dropping, too. Is it a Chow Chow feature, I wonder ))