Has Spring Found You Yet?

 Teddy is a stickler for routine.

 Each day, at the same time, we have to go and inspect the gardens.

 She waits patiently at the gate until I get there and open it. She turned 9 years old yesterday.

 The dogwoods are budding out.

 The daffodils are opening.

 This might not look like much to you but that thar is my rhubarb and horseradish.
And right in the middle there is my asparagus.  I can not wait to pick some this year.
 The Irises are growing in the pond in the back right corner.

 A look up the creek which will soon be flowing.

The Katsuras have tiny red buds.  I see lots of boxwood trimming in my future!  Are you seeing many signs of Spring?  We are hitting 80 degrees this weekend so that should speed things up.


Anonymous said…
80 degrees! Oh my Lord, that is too hot, I say things will sprout, that will be like a sauna! Please don't tell me Teddy will be nine, oh my,
you gardens look great, so much promise to come,
Dee said…
Happy Birthday Teddy!
Patty Woodland said…
How is her paw?
I'm sure you made her a very special birthday dinner.
Mary Ann said…
It is 70 degrees here this morning, and I am SO HAPPY! I'm glad spring is coming to you, too!
Anonymous said…
Things are happening fast on Your side of the ocean! Soon You'll passed us and will have summer before our spring even is near to end :-)

I do like how Your garden look and I wish I my garden was placed on a hill too!

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Oh! and Happy Birthday wishes from us in Sweden :-)
Marie said…
Happy birthday, Teddy! She's such a beautiful dog ♥

Our spring looks much like yours. Rhubarb is just a little red bump in the ground, peonies are starting to shoot, daffodils are up and should flower next week and crocus, scillas, puschkinia, cowslips are out and the wood anemone is starting to flower in the woods. No blossoms on the apple or cherry trees just yet, but it's coming. I can feel it.
Megs said…
Happy Birthday, Teddy!
It's going to be warm this weekend.
I love your garden. Mine has bulbs (can't remember what they are, as I dug up a bunch in fall).I'm going all native/pollinator friendly plantings this year- can't wait for May!
We may get some wet snow tonight.
sandra hagan said…
Spring here just north of Ft. Myers, Florida, commands trees branches filling with leaves and blossoms.

You see people with carts full of petunias and such for planting. A strong urge to stay outside and dig in the soil.

Rain and heat bring the humidity and feels like summer.
Nellie said…
Yes, spring is here! We are having lots of sunshine today with temps in the mid-seventies!
Guillaume said…
Spring is here, and very temperamental: it was hot, not it cooled down, now it is kind of lukewarm.
Barb said…
80 degrees! I would melt!Enjoy all your lovely garden spaces.
Jim said…
Sounds like you are a few weeks ahead of us. Can't wait for our rhubarb too! We lost one of our Katsuras last year....a 'red' one.....we may have been 'pushing it', zone wise. Beautiful trees they are!
Hey Teddy! Hope the birthday was filled with treats!!
Happy Birthday Teddy!

Our snow FINALLY all melted this week!
Loli said…
Happy birthday to you, Teddy! Greetings from Bon Bon and me :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEDDY. Hope you enjoyed every minute of it.
Cynthia Myers said…
Belated Happy Birthday to Teddy!
Today it is supposed to be in the low 70's, here in the Midwest.
And the lawns are just starting to turn green.
Thank god it's Spring.
I was about to totally lose it.
Your garden looks amazing as it's waking up.
Cottage Tails said…
HAppy birthday to Teddy - I imagine she got a tasty birthday treat

I'm loving watching your garden wake up. Our horseradish is ready to harvest
Where on earth have I been! SO busy around here lately..lots going on.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our girl! Mele was 10 on Halloween last year. Time is flying by so fast.
Soon we won't be able to see through the tree's! It's wonderful!! It's the best part of Springtime, watching your garden come to life once more!
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