Spring Gardening

 First off, I have to give a heads up to All-Clad.  If any of you have any of this I want to point out that when they say it is guaranteed for life, they mean it.  I have had my All-Clad for 30 years.  Recently I noticed a crack on the inside of one of my pots.  I sent it back to them and they sent me a brand new one.  I thought this was pretty terrific.

 I was ready to do some planting yesterday and I couldn't find my helper.  Finally I saw her climbing up the garden steps.

 It's a long climb for a puppy with short legs and one bad paw.

 She takes a few breaks along the way to catch her breath.

 She finally makes it.  Good girl Teddy!

 We planted some broccoli, broccoli rabe and leeks.

 Wood poppies and foxgloves.

 Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Solomon's Seal.
 The potting table with pots.  I haven't planted much in my woods since I created them ten years ago.  This Spring I am going to plant lots of cottage garden flowers as well as wildflowers.  I'll show you all of this as I make progress.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!


Anonymous said…
A bit too early to plant anything in the garden here yet, the nights are a bit too cold but today is so nice. But I've been putting down red onions and sown spinach and a thistle with roots that can be used as asparagus. I figure they will take some time to show up and that these cold nights will have passed by then :-)

But I've sown annuals too but those I need to have indoors for some time because they need wartmth to germinate.

I'm looking forward to see how Your garden will look this year with holyhocks and cottage garden flowers!

No solution how to help Teddy with her paw yet?

Have a great day!
I'm going to have that song in my head all morning now. You KNOW which one.
Anonymous said…
holly hocks and foxgloves were our best flowers at the house, they spread soooo fast!!It will be amazing!!! I'm so sad to hear Teddy's foot is still giving trouble, I have a great recipe for Holly Hock rust if it happens to yours!! Its my grandmother's recipe, we were a big Holly hock family, in fact I have some Holly hock seeds that are from the plants she planted on her wedding dday, you are one busy lady, I love it!!!
Dear Joyce Iread back thru some of your last posts to find a mention of Teddy's paw, maybe this is the first time you've mentioned it, if not, I hope its nothing serious. Emma often 'bruises' her paw by stepping on a rock, or running wildly and not looking apparently, but it soon heals. But she limps for awhile and its worrisome. Hope its better soon,
ps have some all clad (from K.) and its so good, really love the all iron dutch oven.
Nellie said…
Perfect week-end for planting. Hopefully all danger of frost or freezing is past.
Patty Woodland said…
Now I have an earworm.

Too early for us to plant too but he has his seedlings in the basement.

I love my all clad pots. Best investment he ever made in my kitchen
Cottage Tails said…
cottage garden flowers make my heart sing. Looking forward to watching from afar your progress
Ginger said…
Did you ever find out what's going on with Teddy's paw?
Glad Teddy showed up to help you plant. That's great about getting a free replacement for the pot. ENJOY! HAPPY EASTER.
Mary said…
Have a great Sunday, sorry Teddy's foot is still being troublesome. Hey , Laurie M, I could use you Holly rust recipe . I get one season and then have to through out, I do some love them along the back of the house facing south, Happy Holiday .
Mary said…
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NanaDiana said…
Oh- You can plant!!!! We can't yet! Another good month or more before we can plant here.

I love my All Clad! I have had mine for almost 20 years and it is the best cookware I ever owned. xo Diana
Guillaume said…
I love your garden pics.
sandra hagan said…
Sorry to hear Teddy's paw is not better.

love of the little plants.
Loli said…
Poor Teddy!
But she is lucky to have this wonderful garden. Bon Bon envies her a little.
Alicia Foodycat said…
Adorable doggy helper!
That looks like one great pot! Teddy looks like she is really concentrating on that climb! She is so devoted to you!!