The Best Drying Rack

 I love to dry my laundry outside in nice weather.  I would love to have a laundry line but I don't have a convenient place to install one.  I found these racks online recently and they are wonderful.  They are made in the USA out of maple and steel.  They are also very easy to set up and take down.  When they are closed, they measure 8"X27".  They are also very sturdy.

 This is going on the trunk of my dead maple. Click for a closer look.  That is a kitty peering out of the window.

 I bought some mushrooms to go around it too.

 I bought a dwarf sweet cherry to plant in a container.  I can't wait to see how it produces.

 These are the two climbing roses which I will train up the dead maple.  It looks like winter might actually be behind us now.  Time to plant!


Anonymous said…
beautiful, the frog hanging off the door knocker got me, oh thats cute!!
Anonymous said…
That door is just soo cool! I have a tree stump I've been thinking of doing something similar to.

It's hard to find good dryiung racks. I have a big one but even if it is placed in a steel pipe down into the ground it still starts to lean when the wind blows hard. At the moment I just hang all my laundry on the espalje by my patio :-)

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
A "bad kitty?"

That's the same company where my sunshine clothes dryer came from. They are the best!
I love the faery door with the wee kitty! And that frog knocker, LOL!
Nellie said…
That drying rack reminds me of one Mother had when I was growing up; in fact, we have it here somewhere!
sandra hagan said…
I am in the market for a drying rack. Will check this out.

Enchanting one and all....can hardly wait to see the roses climb, dwarf sweet cherry tree blossom and produce, and the secret door on the maple tree.
JennyD said…
Oh my gosh, now I feel even older than the hills. Those drying racks were in every back yard when I was growing up, so that tells you something, haha. But I have to admit, once the dry laundry was taken in, we kids would tie thread around Japanese Beetles' legs and then tie the other end onto the outer spokes. Oh yeah, it was like watching a ride at the fair seeing them fly. Whew, looking back, I can't believe we did that to those poor beetles!
Love the drying rack. It looks sturdy. That door with the kitty peering out the window is sweet.
Guillaume said…
I love the door and the mushrooms.
I have a tiny little door like that and have NO idea what I did with it. I bought it and then could not find a place to put it so I set it aside...somewhere. :)
So the Winter flurry of snow has passed on..and Spring is full of promise once again?
It has been just beautiful here for days now, but I know the heat is on it's way and I am dreading it.
What a cute little kitty peeking out of the window! :) I see so many pale green new leaves on your tree's. It's going to be a gorgeous Springtime...

We often do an Easter Day brunch. Ham..etc. This year we are all going to the beach. I hope it's not cold. California beaches can be very cold and miserable.
Your Easter brunch will be wonderful!
p.s. The drying rack. I used to have one of those years ago. Now I have a portable clothesline that stretches across the patio when I want it.
Barb said…
Everything looks so fresh and nice!! My DD always dries her laundry outside when she can.
Megs said…
I had one of those racks many years ago- you can really fit a lot on there!
That door is precious.
Love what you are planting. I am sitting on my hands till May first. There also is a great plant sale by the students of the Milton Hershey school that I always attend.
Mary Ann said…
I can't wait to see the fairy house that is to come!