Waiting for Mama

The trees are blooming.  These are my a Amelanchier arborea...Serviceberry.  They will produce purple berries which taste a lot like blueberries.  They grow wild all over the mountains here.

Soon to be tulips.

This is one of the areas that I am turning into a cottage garden.

I am taking the gazebo down and ordering a custom made one with screens and windows, heat and a ceiling fan.  It will sit back farther than this one and I will pull up these stone pavers and build a patio using them in front of the new gazebo.  I really hope to have it done by Fall.

This is area #2 which will become a cottage garden.

I've started planting perennials amongst the daffodils.  I planted a bunch of foxgloves and hollyhocks but for some reason that photo refused to upload.

These flowers are wood poppies. They will spread and eventually fill in this whole area.  Hopefully!

Looking up the stream.  It isn't running yet because we are trying to find a leak.  You can see the hostas starting to unfurl.

Texas bluebonnets.

I planted these hellebores years ago and suddenly this year they are spreading like crazy.

See all of that green to the right?  this whole area is about to be covered in hellebore's.  I hope I like them a lot?

The irises are growing fast too.

The hellebore's spread all the way over to the other side of the pond and are growing through my pachysandra. These are going to be transplanted.

My first year for currents.

This area is about to be covered with ferns and giant hostas.

And look who is waiting for me on my return!  It was just starting to sprinkle so Teddy was not about to chance being in the lower gardens if it started to rain.  However, she patiently waited by the upper gate for me to come home.  Her paw is still bad.  I am thinking she tore a ligament.  We will just have to see if it mends on it's own since she will not get in the car and would eat a house visit vet.


Your gazebo project sounds very exciting!
Mary Ann said…
Teddy sounds like Lilly... but thankfully, the vet techs at the vet's don't put up with her guff (thank the Lord). Your garden... I am so jealous.... but I know how much work it is, too!
Anonymous said…
your plans for the gazebo soun d wonderful!!!!!The plants are really do well, that one is really a spreader!! So sorry to hear Teddy's still in pain, she looks so cute waiting for you at the top there, no we wouldn't want any vets to be eaten!!!!
Alicia Foodycat said…
That gazebo sounds wonderful! The whole garden is magic. Poor Teddy is very sensible about not getting rained on!
Patty Woodland said…
Poor Teddy. I hope it heals quickly.

Your gazebo will be so exciting
Anonymous said…
Your Amelanchier started to flower before mine did even if we have had spring for quite some time here :-) I have another kind and I love the berries but the birds always eat them before they ripe.

All my hellebores died last winter and this one killed almost all my trilliums. I hope the few I have left selöf sow as good as their parents did.

Looking forward to see how the new gazebo will look like. I'll start buying things so I can start building my green house this year :-)

I do hope Teddy's paw will seld heal and fast too!

Have a great day!
Megs said…
I loved the tour of your garden- and the gazebo sounds like heaven. I can't wait to see your cottage garden. amazing how the hellebores spread. I love the look of the currants.
I will be getting some more native, pollinator- attracting plants from the Manada Conservancy this year.
Hope Teddy's paw gets better- maybe a little bag balm? It does not hurt them if they lick it off. Maybe you can somehow trick her into walking through that, or vinegar water?
petoskystone said…
So many interesting projects! Heal soonest Teddy.
That is such a sweet photo of Teddy.
Is it possible for you to give Teddy a light tranquilizer, something the Vet gives you, so that you can get her to the Vet to be seen. I hope she hasn't got an infection..but you would probably know it if that were true. She probably should be seen if it has not healed in all this time. Since Mele has been through a bad infection..I would be so careful.
I know how worried you must be.

A Gazebo? :):) Can I come for a cup of Witches Brew? :)
It's been beautiful here too..now for a bit of rain. With the HOT weather coming quickly..I am getting worried with this drought thing going on.
It's so difficult to treat them when they have something wrong with them. What a task it is!
Guillaume said…
Oh what a sweet Teddy pic! Happy Earth Day.
Barb said…
I love the plans for your gabezo. It should look great in your yard!
Never heard of Amelanchier arborea before. Sounds lovely. I'm so excited about your gazebo. I have always wanted one. Poor Teddy and her bad paw.
chickpea678 said…
Hellebores! You just gave me an idea! Your garden plans sound lovely!
Jim said…
Just noticed the first of my Hellebores blooming in the nursing bed.
Your Hellebores are taking off like rockets! They ought to be beautiful once in full bloom.
You have some work cut out for yourself in your garden. I like to have a couple of projects to work on during the summer.
Loli said…
Get well soon, Teddy! You are so pretty!!