A Long Drive Home But a Pretty One

Though the drive was long after the festival fail, we got to see a lot of very pretty farms and houses.

This entire farm was color coordinated.  Even the hen house was painted like the main house.

Many of the properties in this area have dry stone walls.


Many of the homes are made of field stone.

This is Dickinson University.

It has such a beautiful campus.

I love this barn.

The fields are filled with stones.  I am guessing it is from glaciers.

Amish buggy sighting!

And an Amish guy on a reclining bike....who knew?

Click for a closer look.  These cows were really stretching for their lunch.

Lots of the Amish in this area were riding reclining bikes.

You can always tell when you are near the Mason Dixon line. The towns all have houses right next to each other lining the main street.

We finally made it home and all I had to show for it was my jar of Dickie's Dills, home grown asparagas...

A quart of local honey,

And freshly picked rhubarb.  The honey made the trip worthwhile.  It only cost 8.00!


Patty Woodland said…
What a shame. But you did have a pretty drive.
Susan said…
Wow! A quart of honey for 8 bucks? That's unheard of! Glad the scenery was nice - and thanks for sharing it.
It's probably those crazy Amish kids who ride the reclining bikes. What? Horse and buggy not good enough for you, young whippersnappers?
Cottage Tails said…
I have a real love for the Amish way of life I think its the appeal to simple living - so always LOVE your Amish posts. Here in NZ sadly they are bringing in cow shed farming - your photo is the first I've seen and man it's sad. The poor cows. A bad move for NZ to farm this way too.
Well the trip yielded some wonderful scenery, so that was nice. The honey and asparagus look delicious.
Camille said…
I know exactly where you traveled. I have in-laws all over that area. We travel down to visit several times a year but spring is such a pretty time to be there. Sorry about the funky pickle festival...could have told you it would be terrible. Ah well, the honey will be tasty!
Kay said…
You sure did have a fun drive home. What beautiful places you got to see!