A Trip to a Farmers Market and A Charcuterie and Cheese Platter

We love a good cheese platter around here and we are lucky to have some new fabulous charcuteries to buy from.  We are very into buying locally.  So, when we found out that a farmer's market was opening for the season last Saturday, we headed out to visit it.  Okay, it wasn't in the immediate local region but The Blog Tech and I like our adventures so we went anyway, especially because we wanted to buy some goat cheese we had heard about.
The first markets of the year are always a bit sparse.

But you can count on the crafters having full tables after a long hard winter.

And I stocked up on eggs!

There were ramps for sale but I passed.  I still have some from the rampfest. They were selling mushroom logs so you could grow your own.  I didn't buy any but now I am wishing I had.

Click for a closer look.  I am hoping I will run into these at a future farmer's market.

The local mascot.  It is West Virginia so I am guessing it is a Mountaineer?  What is a Mountaineer?

We left with our goodies and took the scenic way home as always.  I try to avoid major highways as they tend to be rather boring.

I like driving down country roads.

We made some friends along the way.

Some of my eggs.  I bought 6 dozen.

I bought this milking stool too.  I wonder if Teddy will let me milk her since she is the only animal I have.  I might lose an arm!

Cornmeal made from Bloody Butcher Corn.  This is a red, sweet corn and I can't wait to make something with this.  But what?

An assortment of goat cheese.

And a log of summer sausage made from Longhorn Cattle.  Raising Texas Longhorn Cattle is very popular in my area.

 We had a very good dinner made with the contents from our day of foraging!


Looks amazing! There's nothing like a good charcuterie!

I'm a little envious about those eggs right now, I need some! LOL!!!
Anonymous said…
what a beautiful area, the eggs are so lovely in all their glorious shades of green and blue and brown, certainly some unique items on offer, you must have been in heaven, you created a beautiful cheese platter, I can't wait to see what you make from the cornmeal, it has an interesting name, the summer sausage is my husband's favorite, not that particular brand but any summer sausage, I have never bought it made from long horn cattle, they are very rare here, I think there might be a few on an island a few miles from here,
Nellie said…
Love that cheese platter! That was a great road trip!
Megs said…
What a great tray! I love farmer's markets! I laughed about the packed craft tables - I thought the same thing!
Those mushroom logs and the mushroom growing kits were great.
Don't you love the back roads? I love to ride around in the country. Once, in the evening, I stumbled upon a whole pond full of Amish ice skating with bonfires. Seeing them, my young son thought that we had gone back in time!
Wonderful post,as always!
Anonymous said…
Oh how I wish I had all those goodies here right now :-)

I've never seen mushroom logs and growing kits like that! Over here we usually only can grow champignions in styrofoam boxes but I know an easy way to grow morels but it takes two years until one get more than a few. Your way look so much cooler!

Beautiful way home!

Have a great day!
It looks very tasty, yummy!!
Guillaume said…
Minus the ham, it is my kind of lunch meal.
Sissy Witch said…
Today is grocery day for me, but I know my haul won't look nearly as nice as yours. We have a few more weeks before the farmers markets open up around here.
sandra hagan said…

you can never have too much cheese, or fresh brown eggs.

how is Teddy's paw?
LOOKS fabulous. You walked away with a great haul.
Mary Ann said…
What a full and beautiful board!
chickpea678 said…
Wow, that charchuterie plate looks incredible! I like that you take the scenic way home AND by us, farm eggs are SIX dollars a dozen! Ouch!
Kay said…
This is so much fun and I LOVE that milking stool! It's beautiful!