Festival Fail

 Well, what can I say?  Usually when you spot bowling signs, you aren't in the most happening area!

 See what I mean?

 This town has seen better days.

 This guy posted a sign for someone who 'stold' something from him.  A new take on a past tense!

 But this galvanized watering can came home with me for 18.00.  Vintage galvanized watering cans sell for a lot on ebay so I was very happy!

 Perogies for sale, rooms for rent and condemned all at the same time.

 A very un-festive festival if there ever was one.

 The Blog Tech and I had fun anyway.

 We found a Filipino restaurant and ordered pansit.

And chicken adobo which was very good and made the trip sort of worthwhile. 


It's sad when that happens to towns.

I had several of those galvanized watering cans in my garden center and didn't bring a single one home with me?? I still wonder why :-)

Have a great day!
Jan said…
Festive it isn't, but I do see a certain charm in the ivy covered brick walls and wonderful old buildings~~~

Dee said…
Sorry it was a dud. But I wanted to tell you I did make the chocolate chip pound cake and it is delicious. My husband loves it! Thank you for sharing the recipe.
LEfting said…
Sad that so many little towns across the nation are dying. One of the culprits is the big box stores, the little guy can't compete with Target and Lowes.
But I agree with Jan that the town has it's own charm...and the people who live there, love it! And they did try to make things better with their festival. Sorry you didn't like it. (I don't even know what State this is in, I just think it's sad!)
There's nothing I like better than eating perogies in a condemned hotel room!
Guillaume said…
You can't win them all sadly. We went to a May fayre yesterday and it was disappointing too.
Patty Woodland said…
Maybe it was grander in years past...
Cottage Tails said…
Oh my the stall holders must of been disappointed too. I LOVE watering cans - a good score for you!
Megs said…
If the water can is returned, he will with raw his curse of the broken legs! Priceless!
The food looked ood.
The watering can is a charming find. Love the Indian with something to say. Sad about the hard times the town has fallen on. The food looks delicious.
Jeri Landers said…
Deja vu here, I recently was asked to accept a book award and when I looked at the google map of the town where the event was held, I couldn't believe ANYONE lived there but ghosts. That wasn't far from the truth...my gosh, it looked just like this town only more so. How funny!
sandra hagan said…
it was a good visit. I enjoyed it too. good food and the watering can!
Mary said…
What do they say...you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince! Sometimes fairs can be a lot like that...but road trips are still "road trip"!!!!!
Joyce, even here in Cambria the craft shows just aren't being attended. But we had a well known bike race here and 5,000 people showed up, doubling the population of the town!
Knowing people who make their living doing shows I just deflate when I see and hear of the decline in attendance. Love seeing the pictures of the houses, what a neat log house!
Kay said…
Ahhhh... pancit and chicken adobo. Those are my favorite Filipino dishes.
You are right. That town was not attractive at all..but boy, that food sure was!