Happy Memorial Day 2014

 Perhaps you are spending your Memorial Day working in your garden?  If so, here is a cool idea for planting tomatoes.  Just open a bag of garden soil and plant your tomato plant right in the bag. Add a tomato cage or some sort of support, poke holes in the bag for drainage, water it and there you go.  Instant tomato garden.

 It's a great idea for a balcony or for anywhere when space is limited.

Just roll the sides of the bag down.  If you hate the way the bags looks, cover it with burlap.
Teddy says that wherever you are today, she hopes you are enjoying your Memorial Day and getting a nice cool drink!


c. Joy said…
I wonder if I could dig a hole and drop the bag in - that way the garden will still look nice and neat. Happy Memorial Day to you and yours.
Anonymous said…
I hope your tomato plant blesses you with an abundant crop!Happy Memorial Day!
Heritage Hall said…
Two lovely sisters from Scotland
gave me this idea years ago and
it works! Amend your soil with
chicken manure (not too much or it
will burn the foliage) When planting, lay the plant down "to
sleep"cover & water...where there
was a sprouted leaf, a new plant
will emerge, the original stalk yielding many
plants and you will realize a
yield of tomatoes that is multiplied from the one plant.
Heritage Hall said…
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Neat idea for the tomato plants. ENJOY your Memorial Day. Hi Teddy. You betcha I'm going to have a nice cool drink of ice tea. I prefer it to pond water, myself. But you drink up, sweetie.
Nellie said…
Teddy appears to be enjoying her day! Currently, the "drink of the moment" is hot tea here. Super idea for planting tomatoes, especially if one doesn't have an abundance of spaces to dig a hole in the actual soil.
Guillaume said…
Is this why we have a Bank holiday today? I didn't know.
Anonymous said…
It's a great way to grow tomatoes! Easy to move around too, at least before the plant get too big :-)

Happy Memorial Day!
Barb said…
I envy you the tomatoes. We just don't get quite warm enough for them to be happy. I buy them at the Farmer's Market from folks who have a green house.
Loli said…
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Joyce said…
I love the tomato planting idea. I just might have to try it.
How is cute little Teddy doing with his paw? Is it better? I sure hope so. I go into my emails every day when I get home from work hoping to see that sweet dog. He makes me smile.
God Bless
Loli said…
Hi Teddy! Bon Bon says he would like to join you and drink some cool water too! And stay near the cool pond.