The Blog Tech and I headed out really early on Saturday morning for what we hoped to be a really fun festival.

 We were quite surprised to see how little Spring has come to the mountains.  They still looked like winter.

 We passed many dairy farms. This one has a sign on the side of the barn that reads...Drink Milk.

 After 4 hours of driving, we reached our destination....Dillsburg.  And, of course, they were holding a Dillfest.  Supposedly, all things having to do with pickles.  I am a pickle addict so I was very excited.

 The town was cute and held promise.

There were beautiful flowering trees everywhere.

 Then I caught sight of the bouncy house.  No good festival ever has bouncy houses.

Not giving up hope, I was happy to see that the local high school had a steel drum band.  Interesting!
 The firemen had their gear on display.

 Alas, this was the only dill offering at what turned out to be a block long garage sale.  What can I say?  You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.  This festival was a real downer. The Blog Tech was so disappointed that they had no pickle ice cream as advertised.

 Even the town pickle was disappointing. He is missing a hand and is in dire need of a new paint job.  I mean really, you can't paint your pickle for a dillfest?

 We left the "festival" and walked around a bit.  There were some really cute houses in the town.

 You know you are in farm country when you pass one of these on the main street.

 This is one festival we can scratch off our list.

 We passed some really nice barns and farms on the way home and I will show them tomorrow.

And yes, I came home with a jar of Dickie's Dills which, in some way, describes the whole experience.  How much do you want to bet they suck?


Patty Woodland said…
It's an odd time of year for it I would think. Neither cucumbers, nor dill are growing and even if they wanted to hit prime pickle time the Fall would be better for them, don't you think?
Creepy Glowbugg said…
What a bummer of a festival! Hope your souvenir pickles don't suck.
Megs said…
Oh, bummer! I've never gone to this, but will cross it off my list.
About thirty minutes away from there is the Apple Blossom Festival. Sadly, it looks like they had a bouncy house, too. I like the Apple Harvest Festival- same location, in fall, but run by different people.
Anonymous said…
they can't even paint their pickle, lol, oh my gosh I will have that in my head all day!!!! long way for nothing, so sad, next one will be a winner, whats next? Its an odd time for a pickle fest in my opinion, should be in Fall when we make the pickles, it looks like our area, I posted a few photos of spring in our area today, still quite bleak,
Cottage Tails said…
Oh I'm sorry but your blog post and comments made me laugh so much. does sound a flop but I bet a lovely drive. Looking forward to your photos tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
I don't know why but pickled ice cream doesn't sound tasy at all :-) :-) :-) But I do like most pickled things except for pickled Herring.

But those houses You show are very beautiful!

Have a great day!
Hey, do you have dill pickle potato chips in the US? Or is that just a Canadian thing? Sorry to hear about the disappointing Pickle Festival.
Guillaume said…
I love pickles. I actually blogged about them recently myself.
Barb said…
Have you ever gone to the sauerkraut festival in Waynesville Ohio. My sister and I used to go years ago and always had fun. Tell the blog tech that they have sauerkraut cupcakes!
A shame about the pickle festival. I guess you don't know unless you go.
Deb said…
Well that must have left a sour taste in your mouth! All that driving for a jar of most-likely sucky pickles :( Still, I love your road trips, even the lousy ones!
Joy said…
That is sucky! You would love all the pickles here! Poles love to pickle lots of veggies. I can still buy "old-fashioned" whole dill pickles out of a wooden barrel from my farmer's market. It rocks! :-) Wish I could send you some.
Susan said…
Boo! False advertising! What were they thinking? You cannot respect a pickle-loving town that does not spruce up their mascot.
luckybunny said…
You had me at "picklefest!!"
Kay said…
Oh too bad it wasn't better after going all that way. I love pickles too, but the bread and butter kind. Maybe Dickie's isn't so bad?