What's Growing in the Garden

 I think everyone knows what this means.....a trip to the lower gardens is being requested.  My grass is all weeds.  I've been killing them with vinegar and salt and will be re-seeding soon.

 The Solomon's Seal is thriving.

The middle pond is nice and clear.  I like to see this because I try to hold down the mosquito population as much as possible.  However, the last few years I rarely see any because of how many birds and bats we have throughout the gardens.

Ferns are popping up everywhere.  For some reason, my ferns are spreading like crazy after the harsh winter we had.  Why does a really cold winter make so many perennials spread?

The fish are frolicking now that the creek is running. This is a very large pond.  The fish are about a foot long though they look small here.

Another current pic.  I am so excited to pick these.  I think I will cover them in netting so the birds can't get them.

Serviceberries.  I know the birds will eat all of these before I get to them.

Don't you just love perennials?  They come back with such gusto.

The Blog Tech and I are off very early tomorrow for a festival which we are hoping to be the best one yet! I hope to have lots of photos!


Mystica said…
Love the post!
Laurie M said…
beautiful gardens, and yes yes I love perennials, my gardens were full of them, Bi annuals as well, like Foxglove and holly hocks, I thought of them as an investment I o think they have more fighting spirit, after all they sleep all winter under all the ice and snow! Do you have trouble with Racoons eating your fish, or skunks?
Megs said…
So beautiful! Your perennials look wonderful. I lost some of mine with the harsh winter.
Susan said…
What a Heavenly garden! I need to invest in some perennials - it's always so uplifting to see them coming up (and not having to plant them every year...)
Barb said…
Everything is looking great. We always have to net our blueberries. The first year we had them, we came home one Sun pm and found every blueberry gone. The DH thought it was neighborhood children- NO it was birds!
Nellie said…
Vinegar and salt! A wonderful idea! Isn't it great that you are providing a habitat for birds and bats?
Perennials are wonderful, indeed. Your gardens look lovely. LOVE the ponds and waterfalls.
Guillaume said…
You have a lovely garden. I wish I had one of my own, or at least an allotment.
James Weathers said…
Would you be so kind as to describe the vinegar and salt ratio please?

jaz@octoberfarm said…
for anyone interested in the weed killer, it is simple. get a spray bottle and fill it almost full with white vinegar. as several teaspoons of salt. add a tablespoon of liquid dish detergent which helps the solution cling to the weeds. spray them in the morning when you know you will have a sunny day. they are dead withing 24 hours.
Mary Ann said…
My former garden is coming back with a vengeance too... I wonder if there IS a correlation between the hard winter and the spreading plants?
Hippo said…
What a delightful garden!
Your garden is as wonderful as ever!

Many perennials need a truly cold winter to be able to rest properly so that's the reason many of them look better after a really hard winter.

The birds don't eat my currents but they do eat all service berries and cherries long before they get the chance to ripe. They also leave my bluberries alone and that's even better since they don't give that many berries yet :-)

Have a great day!
Kay said…
You have such a gorgeous garden, Joyce and Teddy is so adorable.