A Duck Tape Parade

 Avon, Ohio is the home of Duck Tape and they hold a yearly parade and festival to celebrate it.  We had our choice of attending a dulcimer festival (me) or the Duck Tape Festival (the blog tech) and guess who won out?

 I am not into parades much but I have to say this was pretty entertaining.

 Everyone in the parade was throwing candy to the kids and they sure made out.  They had bags full of candy by the end of the parade.

 A moon and spaceship made out of duck tape.

 The astronaut's suit is made of duck tape too.

 And, of course, a duck.

 Even the local dogs joined in.  Click to enlarge any pics.

 I'm not sure why duck tape is associated with space and aliens but this spaceship was very cool.


 Followed by kids on bikes.

 A duck tape spaceship.

 Filled with boy scout aliens.

 A barn full of princesses.

 Who you gonna call?


 A Shriner.

 More princesses.

 And body jumpers.

 These guys were passing out cold water to the crowd.

 Grape Jamboree ladies.  I think we will be going to the grape jamboree.

 A republican.

 The Lion Club's lion.

 Duck Tape umbrellas and fish.  I have no idea.

 Storm troopers.

And more aliens.  This was a very long parade.  I'll show some more tomorrow.


Was Red Green the parade marshal? He should have been!

Too bad the Dulcimer Festival was on the same day. I love hammered dulcimer music. Although of course, I don't necessarily have to be hammered to enjoy it.
Anonymous said…
well, I have never heard of a duck tape festival, now that's something new,
Anonymous said…
We never have parades here so I always enjoy photos from them :-)

Have a great day!

Now I must check what duck tape and space/ aliens have in common :-)


Cottage Tails said…
wow you guys over there have some amazing parades.
I so enjoy all those local festivals you let us share - thank you, Joyce!
Megs said…
This post made my day! And, yes,I hope you go to the Grape Festival! Little Miss Grapette is adorable!
cl said…
Just a bit of local history - The long silver "spaceship" is one of three cars from a ride named Then Rocket Ships formerly at Euclid Beach Park. It was very close to the lake (Erie)and the ships raised up in the air and went around at a modest rate of speed which made it a great ride for after a meal with the whole family. You got a great view of the park, its rides and the lake. If you were lucky you might even see a freighter out on the lake. Euclid Beach closed in 1969.

Guillaume said…
I am a bit too impatient to watch a parade.
How cool was that. Never saw so much duct tape.
greekwitch said…
Haha! Aliens and duck tape... there is a connection there and you know it!
what a fabulous parade!!
what a fabulous parade!!
Joyce..wasn't it you that told of covering some cushions on your front porch and using duck tape to secure the material? Well..I did it on a new cushion I bought that fit my old bench..hated the print so covered it with pretty fabric and duck taped it on. Who would know..and..it looks cute..and so easy to do. Hmmm..I was sure it was you..
p.s. CUTE parade! Duct tape is amazing stuff. Er...did I say duck above? LOL Oh..who cares..you know what I mean. :)
Rue said…
This is awesome! I love a small town parade - plus the alien/duck tape theme is perfectly bizarre!

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